This event will be limited to 40 people. There are certain questions that I am asked, regardless of the subject that I am teaching. People everywhere always want to know about:
• How to discern their inner guidance
• What is grace and how to recognize grace in action in their life
• How to heal

Through the years I’ve come to understand a great deal about all three subjects, including why inner guidance, grace, and healing remain so mysterious to us. I know that people struggle with the same questions as they seek clarity with their inner guidance. The truth is, everyone wonders if inner guidance is authentic or just mind chatter. Yet, there are ways of discerning authentic guidance that come out of rich traditions of spiritual direction. In this workshop, I will introduce these practices as a way of assisting participants to form a practice of inner discernment that will last them the rest of their life.

The quest to understand grace is a natural compliment to the exploration of guidance, as a person often requires grace to follow through with authentic guidance. Inner guidance frequently directs us to seek out unexplored territory in ourselves and in our life. Such guidance leads us into the unknown and that is frightening territory. Fortitude is the grace, for example, that comes into a person’s heart and mind when he or she is inspired to set foot on a new path. Fortitude is a type of courage that grips the rational mind and silences mind chatter, allowing that individual to make choices he or she would not ordinarily have the ability to do. Grace is ever present in our lives but all the more extraordinary when understood as a part of your psyche and soul.

Finally, healing is a consequence of grace. It is not something the mind can accomplish. Healing needs to be understood as an act of grace in harmony with actions of the body and mind. Exploring healing as the third component in this workshop is a perfect fit.

I am especially pleased to offer this topic at Castle Combe because the exquisite setting allows for a small and intimate workshop in which personal sharing is possible. I specifically chose this topic knowing that Castle Combe can support a retreat atmosphere in a stunning setting as well as a charming town. I hope you’ll join me.

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3/04 Mon: Dinner / Workshop at Manor House Hotel
3/05 Tue: Workshop
3/06 Wed: Workshop
3/07 Thu: Workshop, Lunch and check out

Included in the Workshop
Your rate includes overnight single accommodations and three meals daily, alcoholic beverages are not included. Refund Policy
Written cancellation immediately after registration: $500 US cancellation fee per person Cancellation from 60 days prior to workshop: cancellation fee is 50% of total workshop cost per person No refund if cancellation

Contact Person
David Smith: David@myss.com or 847 404 4938

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