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Channeling Grace: Invoking the Power of the Divine

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Channeling Grace: Invoking the Power of the Divine "Grace is the breath of God - an invisible essence beyond intellect that moves swiftly amongst us," teaches Caroline Myss. Is it possible to become a living conduit of this powerful force? "Not only is it possible," suggests this bestselling author, "but grace is immediately accessible to you and the courage to follow divine guidance." With this cd set you are invited to ascend to what Myss calls the "altitude of the mystics" and invoke this expansive energy in your life.

In Session 1, Myss explains how to recognize grace in your life by describing some of the countless ways we experience it - both internally as a sudden insightful voice, and externally as synchronicity in the world. In Session 2, she offers a full set of specific invocations to contact grace directly, navigate your path in times of chaos, gain clarity and direction in your life, and heal yourself or others.

"Grace is as real and tangible as sparkling sand on the beach," teaches Myss. "It's ready to dramatically transform your life at any time - if you are willing to acknowledge and embrace it." On this cd set, this renowned teacher offers her expert guidance to help you maintain a steadfast connection to the illuminating divine phenomenon she calls grace.

2 CDs/Running time: 2 1/2 hours

Purchase Channeling Grace: Invoking the Power of the Divine

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