March  2014
Healing: A Mystical Science That Includes Miracles.»
March 1, 2014

March  2014
Anatomy of Your Soul.»
The Manor House and Golf Club Castle Combe Near Bath Wiltshire
March 3-6, 2014

March  2014
I Can Do It!.»
Hay House
March 15, 2014
Toronto, Canada

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Caroline's Biography

Caroline's Biography.»

Caroline is dedicated to creating educational programs in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism...

Defy Gravity Video

Defy Gravity Video.»

Watch this engaging video with Caroline Myss and discover how Defy Gravity can change your life!

Sacred Contracts Online

Sacred Contracts Online Course.»

This course includes 65 hours of instruction in the form of video lectures, audio programs, and reading content!

Entering the Castle Online Feature

Entering the Castle Online Feature.»

Discover what it means to be of service to this world as a person who has the soul of a mystic while leading an ordinary life.

Visual Meditation

Visual Meditation.»

Begin and end your day with this powerful, practical and inspirational meditation.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery.»

A collection of images from CMED workshops and Sacred Journeys.