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Of all the reasons I could give you to study Sacred Contracts, the most compelling reason is how empowering it is to read archetypes and contracts. Your Sacred Contract describes your personal reality and how you interpret the world. Developing the practical skill of reading contracts enables you to navigate life with wisdom, liberating you to pursue a happier life. Imagine your Sacred Contract as a GPS guidance system showing you where you want to go and the most direct route to get there.

The most grounded way to bring you into the world of archetypes is to tell you that you already live in this world. In fact, you live so deeply and thoroughly in this world that you do not even realize it. You categorize every single person you see instantly with an archetype even before you meet them or speak with them. As they walk down the street, you think to yourself, "That person looks like a geek" or "sexy/goddess" or a "kind/Samaritan" person.

We are governed by our archetypes. They move through us like energetic threads, more powerful than any physical force you will ever encounter. These are the magnetics of your life, the circuits that energize the laws of the universe: cause and effect, action and reaction, magnetic attraction, our interconnectedness – all the laws of the universe.

Your contract reveals answers to the BIG QUESTIONS about yourself – the answers you’ve been searching for throughout your entire life. So let’s examine how identifying and exploring your contract can address three essential questions for you.

  • What Am I Doing Here?

Everyone wonders about what their path is in life, what they "should" be doing, where they belong, and with whom. This knowledge is coded within your archetypal patterns. Your creative impulses and inner longings are an expression of your archetypes. Not acknowledging these patterns and avoiding coming to know yourself at the depth is like choosing to remain a stranger to yourself. I have met many people who speak about wanting to do this or that "someday," and I can hear in their voice that they are speaking from a place of deep longing – the type of longing that comes from wanting to know oneself beyond the daily busy work of life. These people want to know the "soul" of themselves and it is a true suffering to feel that longing but never answer it.

Bringing the skill of reading archetypes into your conscious awareness gives you the clarity to discern who you truly are and what you are meant to become. Discovering the wisdom of your contract and learning to interpret your own intuitive guidance transforms your power of choice to create dynamic change in your life. Exploring your contract unlocks your destiny and illuminates your path, wherever that path may lead you.

  • Why Am I Attracted to Certain Types of People … and Why Are They Attracted to Me?

We all have contracts with other people which have sometimes been referred to as “karmic relationships.” And these contracts include everyone in your life: family, spouses, romantic partners, and close friends. In the business arena, your contracts with people include bosses, employees, coworkers, partners, and clients.

Identifying your archetypal patterns enables you to see why you repeatedly engage in relationships with certain types of people, for better or worse. You become conscious of the reasons you like the people you like and why you dislike others. Your contract delineates your fundamental needs in a relationship and the qualities you are seeking in others.

And while you are reading others’ contracts, bear in mind that they are also reading your contract. What do they see when they look at you? Do they think, "There goes a Healer? An Entrepreneur? An Artist, A Vampire?" They perceive you as your archetypes first, before they "see" you physically, even though they are looking straight at you.

Investigating your own contract mirrors back to you what you’re putting across to people about yourself that draws them into your life. For example, with the Mediator archetype you may continually attract people who want you to mediate their disputes with others. The Rescuer archetype attracts those wanting to be rescued. Some people are natural Networkers. They gather people to them wherever they go and they just know how to connect one person to another. Those skills that come naturally to you are rooted in your archetypes. But how many people actually utilize all their natural skills, or gifts, as they are often called? Very few of us do and it is our gifts, our natural talents that we most regret not exploring. In my language, we can sense that we have a contract left unexplored, an untapped resource in ourselves that we almost liberated….but not quite. And this becomes one of our life regrets. But are we meant to have such regrets? I don’t believe so. I believe we are meant to recognize our potential, to name these inner resources, and to imagine how our lives could – and would change – if we acted upon their power.

Becoming aware of how you are perceived by others allows you to make enlightened choices in your relationships because you now understand why people are relating to you as they do. Recognizing and claiming your own archetypes clears the confusion. You are seeing yourself from a higher perspective which gives you the power to improve all of your relationships. And, since you’re reading other people’s contracts … and those people are reading yours … you might as well learn your own contract!

  • Why Do I Have a Tendency to Make the Same Mistakes?

The reason people routinely undermine themselves is because they are not in touch with their own inner patterning. You are driven to repeat the same behaviors until you uncover what is operating at an unconscious level, the engine running your life. Studying your contract reveals where you’re stuck and how to move beyond a negative pattern.

For example, someone who is continually in financial crisis may have the Saboteur in a financial sector of their contract, possibly indicating a tendency to mismanage money, or a fear of financial success. Having the Saboteur in this area of a contract doesn’t doom one to financial chaos or repeating the same mistakes, but it might explain a lifelong struggle with money issues. The gift of the Saboteur is to alert you to when you might make a choice to undermine your financial security, and that simple insight has the potential to transform your life. Or knowing the voice of your Saboteur helps you to identify when, how, and why you fear speaking up for yourself or even something as basic as going for a makeover. Getting to know how this one archetype works within you is enough to redirect the course of your life.

The April 2011 Sacred Contracts Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to identify your archetypes and cast your Chart of Origin. I show you how consciously working with your archetypes will improve the quality of every aspect of your life. Your contract determines how you use your power or deny your power, and the areas of your life in which you currently feel powerless and blocked by fear. You will learn how to negotiate your most challenging fears and how to build greater self-esteem. Exploring your contract presents you with an opportunity to free yourself from your past. This is the magical grace of understanding your Sacred Contract.

The Sacred Contracts Curriculum is also designed to certify students who complete the Program as Archetype Consultants. Many of our graduates have become successful Archetype Consultants, making their investment in this class professionally and personally invaluable.

I hope you will join me and the brilliant CMED staff as we present SACRED CONTRACTS 2011. Please check out the course description on my web site: http://www.myss.com/cmed/workshops/sacred_contracts11 and read about SACRED CONTRACTS as the CMED Institute.



Identity Pursuit cruises into the Caribbean!


"A game like no other, a ticket to a multitude of adventures in self discovery." -- Caroline Myss

It's official. Identity Pursuit was a huge hit on this month's Hay House "I Can Do It at Sea" cruise to the Caribbean. Not only was every game-playing venue packed, IP was a sellout in the bookstore and the talk of the ship. The IP team made hundreds of friends throughout the week. Many of them are taking IP back to their hometowns and starting regular "Game Nights" as a way to learn more about themselves, build community, and better understand the people they work and play with.

Don't know about Identity Pursuit? Identity Pursuit is a game about archetypes that guides you into surprising insights about yourself, how you see others, and how others see you. Even if you know a lot about archetypes, IP is a great way to learn more. If you're already an archetypal consultant or thinking about becoming one, you'll find it a valuable tool for helping your clients learn which archetypes are on lead in their lives.

To find out more about Identity Pursuit, check us out on www.myss.com or www.identity-pursuit.com.

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