Reflections: Initiations by Air


Initiations by Air is the third of four Reflection series in which we examine the four elements of creation – Fire, Earth, Air and Water. This series is our journey into the Air level in each of us.

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Learn more about Initiations by Air”

Air is the third of our four elements of creation. As you know in this series we first explored Fire, then Earth. Now we are going to discuss Air. In our final class in this series, we will examine Water. Each creative element is so richly unique and its influence in the vast spectrum of life – including our individual lives – is literally endless. Of all previous generations, we are perhaps more “air” than any other. The Air element dominates the intuitive as well as psychic and energetic aspects of our nature. We gravitate to the Air element of ourselves now because our Air senses are actively “waking up”. We are becoming ever more aware of our intuitive nature and that we are multi-sensory beings as opposed to five sensory.

Adapting to our intuitive nature is not a choice for us; it is a necessity. We need to understand who we have become; that is, our intuitive nature has more authority over our health than our beliefs or attitudes. Our intuitive self, in other words, has become our center of gravity. And yet, as we know, intuition often collides with our other Air resources, which are reason and logic. There is nothing “reasonable” about your intuitive nature, right? And certainly a gut hunch cannot be called a “logical” feeling. All too often we find ourselves in a collision between what we think we should do and the guidance we are intuitively receiving. The rich subject matter of each session in the Air series illustrates the countless ways in which our inner truth often conflicts with the chaotic dynamics of our personal lives.

It’s very easy to lose sight of the truth that we are always changing, as is everything and everyone in our external world. Nothing remains the same for a second much less a day. Every one of us goes to bed in a vastly different world than the one we woke up in. Because we really do not pay conscious attention to the speed of change in ourselves much less around us or in others, we end up changing unconsciously rather than consciously. Think of all the thoughts and reactions you experience to everything that unfolds in your life each day and then imagine that you warehouse most of it because you do not have time to “reflect” upon how you think or feel about this new piece of data or news or event or emotion. So, we store all this data. Eventually, however, all those numerous shifts and rumbles that happen deep in our unconscious start to emerge through our intuitive fibers. And that’s when we take notice that our inner self has grown out of synch with the world around us, setting us up for choices that will initiate a state of balance. When we are unable to make choices that serve a return to balance, the climate of our life becomes ripe for an initiation experience or a collision, as I call it, between our intuition and the power of the illusions in our life.

Confrontations between your intuitive nature and the illusions of the mind, as Buddha would describe “mind chatter”, are a part of the substance and grit of the spiritual path. Every time we follow our intuition, no matter how frightened we may be, we deepen our sense of self-esteem and personal courage. We learn through those choices what it means to trust oneself, to know that you can rely on the strength of your own soul. And that deep inner knowing about your own nature is the true power of the spiritual path.

I hope you will join me for Initiations by Air as we continue to explore the many paths of Spiritual Direction together.



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Lesson 1:

Initiation by Air: You as an Intuitive

In this session, we will discuss why it is so important that you recognize that you are a highly active and receptive intuitive human being. This is not a small shift in perspective. It is a life-changer. Your intuitive senses have become increasingly active within you for years now but more likely than not, you still trust the data from your mind (what you see/hear/touch/experience) far more than you trust a sudden gut “hit”. The challenge is that our health, our mental and emotional well being, our creative instincts and so much more have become attuned to our intuitive nature. Ignoring our intuition now puts the health of our personal life ecology at risk.

Topics we will cover in the first class:

  • Being an intuitive
  • The many levels of intuition – from gut instincts to divine revelation
  • Intuitive hits are constant
  • Intuition is “air data”, not fortune telling
  • What happens to you when you block intuition?
  • Interpretation is a skill and an art

Lesson 2:

Initiation by Air: What’s in the Air Waves?

The air is not empty. Air space is filled with data and we are active receivers. We need to truly explore that fact so that we can protect ourselves from too much energetic exposure at the technical (as well as psychic) level. Because air is not “empty”, we need to adapt to the truth that we are always sending and receiving energetic information. That is not something we “imagine.” We need to realize this new fact about ourselves in order to awaken that ability to recognize when we have developed a “psychic infection” or “air contamination.”

Topics we will cover in the second class:

  • Air waves have no boundaries but you do
  • Space language: I need my space; Stay out of my space; What’s in your space?
  • How do you read Air Waves?
  • The reality of the Inner Net and you
  • Energy data email style

Lessons 3:

Initiation by Air: Questions and Choices that Lift Your Spirits

Air metaphors are always used to convey images of floating above the Earth. We long to be connected to something greater than ourselves, to the Sacred realm. We cannot help but ask questions that elevate us in some way to that rare air domain of the Sacred. Rare Air is the oxygen you take in at “mystical altitude.” And it is conscious; that is, Rare Air is pure vitality, creativity, prana, grace all wrapped up in one. It is pure life force.

Topics we will cover in the third class

  • What has purpose and meaning in life? And how do I discern the purposeful life?
  • What matters more: Pursuing love or truth?
  • If it matters what I say and think, then what should I think about?
  • What would I think about if I no longer dwelled on my own life?
  • Imagining life beyond: conflict/problems/fears
  • Rare Air is conscious
  • Breathing Rare Air

Lesson 4:

Initiation by Air: You As an Air Creature

Intuition is not a gift. It is a part of your “air wiring.” But it is up to you to decide to listen and trust the uncertain and often intimidating nature of intuitive data. Intuition does not offer proof or guarantees and often an intuitive “hit” arrives just in the nick of time. Trusting “air data” does require a leap of faith and it also requires a strong sense of self-esteem. You have to believe in the integrity of your intuitive guidance especially if you find yourself in that terrifying initiation experience of being the only one standing in your own corner.

Topics we will cover in the final class of this series:

  • How to become conscious of your energy anatomy/health/life.
  • Self-esteem and developing personal integrity
  • Facing the fear of becoming a clear intuitive
  • Crossing the Impersonal Rubicon: How do you actually get yourself to change instead of just “think” about changing?
  • Your mind: Friend or Foe?
  • Suggestions for Self-Care
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