Reflections Parallel: The Art of Shadow Dancing with Archetypes


Join Robert Ohotto for this timely new 3-Part Reflections Parallel Course where he will teach you to keep yourself neutral, empowered, self-connected, and self-protected when dealing with the shadow agenda of others – a valuable guide that will improve all of your relationships, most notably your relationship with yourself.

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Learn more about “The Art of Shadow Dancing with Archetypes

Each of us are born with a Sacred Agreement to be in relationships with others as a fundamental facet of our Destiny. You simply can’t become all you were born to be without getting your essential needs met via the resources of others – none of us are meant to do this life alone.

Yet anytime you are in a relationship with someone – whether that be a parent, spouse, child, colleague, boss, friend, or larger group of people – you will also find yourself in a relationship with their Shadow. A relationship with someone’s light will forever also pull in their darkness. And while this can often be rough going, it is nonetheless an unavoidable fact of life.

If we can’t opt out of meeting the Shadow of those with whom we have relationships with, for many of us who’ve been wounded and battered by the darkness of others, the question naturally becomes, “Is there an easier and more empowered way to engage their Shadow Side?” Yet before we can even get to and understand the answer to that question, we must first explore an entirely new set of questions…

Such as: What exactly is the Shadow part of the Human Psyche? What constitutes and creates the Shadow part of you? What does it mean to be in a relationship with someone’s Shadow? Can there be a more self-connected way to meet another’s dark side that doesn’t trigger you, cause you to lose power, and feed their Shadow? What does it mean to have a Soul Agreement to engage in a Shadow Dance with someone? What exactly is Shadow Dancing, and what are the optimal dance steps?

The Shadow and its anatomy tend to be far more dynamic than most of us have yet to realize and adequately understand. This has no doubt led to the many tales of relationship woe we could all share in a therapy circle! Who amongst us hasn’t felt abused, scapegoated, shamed, belittled, and blamed by the dark side of someone else and struggled with standing up to it?

While the territory of the Shadow may be challenging, the good news is that there is indeed a more powerful soul-connected way to meet and greet the Shadow in yourself and in others. Like an Aikido martial artist that sidesteps and directs the momentum of their opponent, you too can maintain a balance and centeredness that you’ve perhaps never known before while encountering the shadow energy of your life’s Noble Adversaries!

While we haven’t been taught it, there is a way you can claim your personal power to consciously take charge of the shadow dynamics in all your relationships. How? By understanding the Shadow as a System of Power Management, and knowing its Archetypes.

Spotting the Shadow Archetypes driving someone when they are coming at you spinning their shadow strategies is often all it takes to get a clear read on their Shadow. And when you can do this, you will also intuitively know the next optimal moves to make without getting tangled up in their dark psychic web.

I hope you will join me for this timely 3-Part Reflections Parallel Course where I will teach you new archetypal approaches on how to compassionately embrace your own Shadow, neutralize your shadow triggers, remove yourself as a target for other’s darkness, and master the Art of Shadow Dancing.

Here is an overview of what we will be exploring in this 6-hour/3-part course:

  • Your Soul Contract with the Laws of the Human Psyche
  • The Anatomy of the Shadow
  • The birth of a Shadow Archetype
  • The Shadow as a System of Survival and Power Management
  • Recognizing the Shadow Archetypes in Yourself and Others
  • How to Speak the Language of Shadow Archetypes and Turn the Dark into Light
  • Shadow triggers and how to neutralize them
  • Meeting the Shadow of Family Members, Romantic Partners, and Friends
  • Shadow Dancing and knowing your Dance Partners
  • Your Sacred Agreements with Noble Adversaries
  • What to do when Shadow Dancing turns into Martial Arts
  • How to Decline and Rescind Shadow Dance Invitations
  • The Internet Age and Shadow Dancing Online
  • How to handle the dark side of group energy
  • The price of not standing up for yourself and how to stop paying
  • How to deactivate a Shadow Archetype in someone else

I will conclude this series by gifting you with a succinct step by step compassionate strategy of how to keep yourself neutral, empowered, self-connected, and self-protected when dealing with the shadow agenda of others – a valuable guide that will improve all of your relationships, most notably your relationship with yourself. This will be something you can use for the rest of your life!


Robert Ohotto

Lesson 1:

Sacred Agreements & The Shadow

In this session we will explore your Soul Contract with the Laws of the Human Psyche, how the Shadow is formed, the Anatomy of the Shadow, the birth of Shadow Archetypes, understanding the language of manipulation, identifying who your Noble Adversaries are, what your Shadow Esteem System is, what it means to be triggered and why this happens, and how to neutralize triggers through a compassionate Shadow Process. I will teach you how the Shadow functions as a System of Power Management, while beginning an introduction to the primary Shadow Archetypes.

Lesson 2:

Shadow Archetypes & Invitations to the Dance

In this session I will teach you how to recognize the various Shadow Archetypes in others by identifying each Shadow Archetype’s pattern and language. We will also examine in depth how the Shadow Archetypes in you call in, activate, and pair up with the Shadow Archetypes of others – thereby setting up the Shadow Dance. We will begin a deep analysis of The Child, The Victim, The Prostitute, The Saboteur, The Scapegoat, The Bully, The Bitch, The Narcissist, The Codependent, The Coward, The Perfectionist, The Manipulator, The Addict, The Tyrannical King, The Wicked Queen, and more.

Lessons 3:

The Alchemy of Turning the Dark to Light

In this session I will continue to explore how to accurately recognize when you’ve been invited to a Shadow Dance, when you have unconsciously invited someone else, and how to rescind or decline such initiations. You will also learn how to intuitively identify and activate the Archetypes that can neutralize shadow attacks from others, assess when Shadow Dancing requires a Zen approach vs. Martial Arts, and how to use the power of language to thwart someone’s dark momentum and contain their Shadow. We will also explore the best methods of escaping the dance floor when needed.

Robert Ohotto

About Robert Ohotto

Robert Ohotto is recognized as a trailblazing presence within the field of psycho-spirituality, multi-sensory development, and human consciousness. His groundbreaking work with intuition and archetypes has been featured on Oprah Radio, The History Channel, Lifetime TV, and in Fortune Magazine.

For nearly two decades, Robert has been highly sought after for his dynamic teachings, intuitive consultations, and unique astrological expertise. His leading-edge work challenges the conventions of mind-body-spirit paradigms by integrating intuitive development, archetypes, and evolutionary life cycles. He is the author of the bestselling book ‘Transforming Fate into Destiny’.

For years, Robert Ohotto has been a popular guest teacher on under the Reflections Parallel banner, with numerous transformative Reflections Parallel Courses to his credit. You can learn more about Robert’s work, latest offerings, and the launch of his new podcast ‘Your Intuitive Edge’ by visiting