Reflections Parallel: Archetypes and the Magnetics of Relationships


Transforming Your Archetypal Matches through The Six Mystical Laws of Archetypal Attraction

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Learn more about “Archetypes and the Magnetics of Relationships

About this Reflections Parallel Series

Who’s in your Life and why?…

After taking a forced pandemic pause from our usual patterns of connecting and relating with others – this question has now become one of the most relevant and powerful questions that you can ask yourself.

In fact, it is not only essential that you ask, Who’s in my Life and why? It’s also crucial to realize the rare opportunity that you currently have to pursue and absorb the answer…

That’s because, as our public meeting spaces closed down nearly two years ago, simultaneously a new interior space of revelation was finally allowed to open in ways that it never could before, at both a personal and collective level.

And, if you could see this as a gift inside our challenging Times that have us wrestling, in unprecedented ways, with personal, familial, and social relationships – you’d know that we are now being invited to cultivate a new archetypal mastery regarding whom we unconsciously match with and attract into our lives.

In fact, the deeper Mystical Truths of our Relationship Magnetics are finally being allowed to rise up and guide us out of the ashes of a World collapsed in relational chaos.

But what exactly are Relationship Magnetics? What are the Laws that govern how people come into our lives? Is it Divine Design? Attraction? Fate? Destiny? Can just anyone come, stay, or go?

Are there certain Laws that keep people from entering your Life, or that keep others from leaving your Life?

Can you change your Relationship Magnetics? If so, what would that take?

These poignant questions may have you asking many more about your relationships, like:

  • Why do I continue to attract the same negative relationship patterns and dynamics into my Life, even after multiple attempts to change this?
  • Even when a new relationship finally seems to be different at first, why does it often turn out to essentially be the same suffering pattern – just different packaging that has tricked me?
  • How is that I find myself signed up for yet another ‘rescue mission’, at a great cost to my personal energy and resources – especially when it comes to family members?
  • Why can’t the relationships and intimacy that I most want in my Life land on my planet? Have I been unconsciously repelling this away? Is that a thing? What inside me would do this?
  • How is it that I keep getting matched with those who are emotionally unavailable, dishonest, and/or narcissistic takers lacking in integrity? How do I deal with my feelings of betrayal? Why does it seem like my own interior guidance got me into this, and now, how can it possibly be trusted to get me out?

To begin the intuitive process of answering these questions, and many others that you may have regarding your relationships, we must begin with a truer understanding about how others are actually brought into your Life in the first place.

And, to do that we must explore the Archetypal Truth about Attraction…

It’s a commonly held belief that when we focus on being positive or thinking positively, we will then draw to ourselves good things – and if we focus too much on something negative or think negatively, we will then draw to ourselves bad things…as if the Universe somehow rewards our mental positivism, while punishing our mental negativity.

But is this really True? Is your Mind really that powerful? Are your thoughts your primary ‘magnets of attraction’?

If this is True, then why don’t all of our thoughts make us targets for events that match every happy or fearful thought that passes through our Minds? Could something positive come into your Life in spite of your negativity, or vice versa?

For example: Many folks are afraid of flying, and will likely spend an entire flight worrying about the plane crashing, yet they still get to their destinations without incident. Others use positive affirmations to attract a ‘Soul Mate’, but still find themselves single years later…what gives?

The deeper Truth is that who and what we attract into our lives isn’t drawn in at the level of the Mind’s capacity to be positive or negative – rather, it’s magnetically attracted at the level of our Patterns.

We attract at the level of Pattern, not the Mind.

So what does it mean to attract at the level of Pattern in our lives?

If you substitute the word ‘Pattern’ with Archetype, then a deeper Mystical Truth is revealed: Your Archetypes determine who and what are magnetically drawn into your Life, not the power of your thoughts. In fact, it’s actually your Archetypal Patterns that most often generate your thoughts, your thoughts do not generate your Archetypes.  

That’s how powerful an Archetype in your life is – yet its magnetic power and influence is something that very few comprehend and even fewer fully understand…

Furthermore, your Archetypes not only determine what you magnetically attract – they also determine what you repel. So when you consider who’s in your life and why – you also have to consider who’s not in your life and why not, especially if you have wanted a certain type of person or relationship to come into your Life… 

While one may wonder why an Interdependent Loving Companion hasn’t entered their Life yet, perhaps beyond a need for deep inner work – the answer is often simply magnetically technical: Their Archetypes may, in fact, be repelling away such a partner.  

That’s the power of Archetypes – they both match and repel relationships per your personal Archetypal Magnetics. And they can also keep you bound in certain painful Archetype Matches with those already in your Life…

For example, have you longed for a reciprocal relationship, but what continues to show up are Vampires and Narcissists? Have you ever considered the Archetype in you that is matched with and attracting these Shadow Archetypes in others, while simultaneously repelling the Giving Requiting Lover in someone else?

How might these same Archetypal Magnetics of Attraction and Repulsion be in play in other areas your life? What are the Shadow Archetypal Matches that you are currently fated to experience with others? Which Archetypes are simply magnetically bound to match per the Law of Archetypal Matches?

And, most importantly, can you change your Archetypal Magnetics, deactivate and demagnetize an Archetype inside you, and then ‘unmatch’ from your Shadow Archetypal Pairings?

The answer is YES, you absolutely can!

But this feat requires deeply understanding that Archetypes are powerful magnetic forces which operate through Six Mystical Laws: The Law of Soul Contracts, The Law of Dimensional Magnetics, The Law of Archetypal Matches, The Law of Activated Magnetic Attraction, The Law of Activated Magnetic Polarity, and The Law of Activated Magnetic Repulsion.

During the course of 8 powerful lessons, I’m going to teach you exactly how these Laws operate in your Life so that you can skillfully and consciously work with them like a co-creative technician – and in doing so, create new Relationship Patterns and Magnetics, magnetize new Archetypal Matches, and activate the nourishing connected relationship reciprocity and intimacy that you most want in your Life.

You will learn to identify and demagnetize your Shadow Archetypal Pairings with others, while also learning how to avoid getting remagnetized back into them, such that you leave these Shadow Magnetics behind for good.

And yet, there is so much more that we will cover during our time together – Including a precise way to create and sustain a new Archetypal Magnetic System so that you can influence who is attracted into your Life, upgrade the quality of intimacy with those in your Life, and consciously repel those you do not want to Shadow Dance with.

I couldn’t be more excited to share with you this new dynamic body of information that I know will be absolutely riveting and life changing. New Relationship Magnetics await you inside this course.

Your relationships will never be the same. And as you take control of your Relationship Magnetics, you will absolutely be able to answer from a place of new esteem, clarity, self-connection, and empowerment the question: Who’s in my Life & Why?  

In fact, through this course, you will finally be able to play a greater role than you ever have before in that answer!

See you on the inside where I will guide you to the other side!

-Robert Ohotto

Lesson 1:

The Relationships that are Magnetically Attracted vs. Soul-Contracted

In this Lesson you will holistically discover where your Patterns and Archetypes come from and how that influences every relationship you have. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • The Power of Archetypes
  • A new Era has come – The necessity of embracing your new emerging Power as a Relationship Co-creator
  • Is something Attracted or Soul-Contracted?
  • The Six Mystical Laws of Relationship Magnetics
  • The Four Categories of Archetypes that comprise your Soul Contract

Lesson 2:

Archetypes & Your Multi-Dimensional Magnetics

In this Lesson you will learn how your Archetypes create your Dimensional Magnetics, and how people are attracted into or repelled out of your life at a Dimensional Level. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • An simple exercise on how you can identify your Archetypes
  • How your Life is organized multi-dimensionally
  • Understanding your Vertical & Horizontal Axes of Dimensional Creation
  • The role of your Archetypes in creating your Dimensional Magnetics
  • Your Four Primary Access Points of Activated Magnetic Attraction & Repulsion
  • What keeps you magnetically stuck in a Dimension and drawing in the same things to your Life

Lessons 3:

Magnetization – From Archetypes to Archetypal Identities

In this Lesson we will look at the magnetic shift that occurs when you make an Archetype your Identity – and how that changes everything about your Life. Some topics explored include:

  • Mystical Law & The Magnetic Nature of Identity
  • The Soul-Self & Soul Archetypes
  • Culturally Conditioned Identities & Your Social Magnetics
  • Identity & Family Archetypal Inheritance – The Magnetics of Your Psychic DNA
  • Identity & Your Survival Archetypes of Adaptation – The Core of Your Shadow Magnetics & Shadow Matches
  • Shadow Relationship Magnetics & Self-Sabotage

Lesson 4:

The Primary Relationship Archetypal Categories

In this Lesson we will take a deep dive into your Relational Axis of Self & Other. You will learn how your Relationships are magnetically organized along this Axis into many Archetypal Categories, and how each Category contains various Archetypal Matches. All of which unconsciously drive your Relationship Magnetics. Some Archetypal Categories covered include:

  • Your Romantic Archetypes & Matches
  • Your Work/Business Archetypes & Matches
  • Your Social Archetypes & Matches – Most notably your Tribal Matches
  • Your ‘Rescuing Archetypes’ & Matches
  • Your Family Archetypes & Matches – Most notably your Child Archetype
  • Your Wounded Archetypes & Matches
  • The Magnetic Power of Your Esteem System

Lesson 5:

Identifying Your Shadow Archetypal Matches

In this Lesson you will learn what Shadow Archetypes are, how they come into being inside you, how to identify yours, and how they magnetically match with the Shadow Archetypes  – or repel the Light Archetypes – of Others. Some topics covered are:

  • The Laws of the Human Psyche – How the Human Shadow is created
  • The Magnetic Nature of the Shadow
  • How the Law of Activated Magnetic Attraction pairs Shadow Archetypes via Like Attracts Like
  • Shadow Matches & The Law of Activated Magnetic Polarity – How Opposites Attract
  • The Law of Activated Magnetic Repulsion – How an Archetype Repels its Opposite
  • The Mystical Magnetic Paradox & Neutrality
  • Some Pairs Covered Amongst Many: Knight/Damsel – Vampire/Blood Donor – Mystic/Addict – Bully/Victim – Knight/Queen – Narcissist/Empathic Co-dependent – Adult Child/Wounded Parent – Shadow Over Giver/Thief – Perfectionist/Shadow Judge – Shadow Rescuer/Shadow Victim – and many more…

Lesson 6:

The Mystical Journey of Archetypal Demagnetization & Unmatching

In this Lesson we enter the Alchemy of Demagnetization & Unmatching. I will guide you through the transformative Dark Night Journey that is required to deactivate your Shadow Relationship Magnetics. You will learn how demagnetizing an Archetype will set you free…and change absolutely everything in your Life. Topics covered include:

  • It’s finally time – The Dark Night of a Relationship
  • Your Journey toward the Power of Mystical Magnetics
  • Recognizing when you’ve entered a Dark Night Cycle of Synchronicity
  • The Six Dark Night Stages of Archetypal Unmatching & Dimensional Demagnetization
  • Recognizing when the Synchronicity Magnetics of the Trickster Archetype are active during your Dark Night
  • How to know when you’re at the Midnight of the Dark Night Process
  • What happens once you finally unmatch with the Shadow Archetype of Another?

Lesson 7:

New Archetypes, New Magnetics, & New Archetypal Matches

In this Lesson we move from the Dark Night Journey of Archetypal Demagnetization into the Dawn of your new Relationship Magnetics. Some topics covered include:

  • How to recognize that you are now in the Dawn of a Relationship’s Dark Night Journey
  • The way a new Archetype enters your Life & sensing its new Magnetics
  • Something new comes from something new – is it a new or old Archetypal Match?
  • Exploring The Mystic, The Mystical Lover, The Love Rebel, The Magician, The Empowered Empath, The Requited Lover, The King, The Queen, The Mystically Parented Child, and other new dynamic Archetypes and their Matches
  • The birth of a new Esteem System & its Relationship Magnetics
  • Conscious Attraction – Intentional Intimacy & Connections
  • Mystical Magnetics – Working with the Six Laws of Archetypal Attraction from the Level of Soul vs. Wounded Ego

Lesson 8:

Creating & Sustaining Your New Archetypal Magnetic System

In this Lesson I will integrate the entire course into a Magnetic Mapping Process and Tool that you can continually use to track, shift, and co-create your Relationship Magnetics. This Magnetic Map & Guided Process will:

  • Help you identify how well you are working with the Six Mystical Laws of Archetypal Attraction in any given situation or relationship – and when/how to shift to Mystical Magnetics
  • Guide you to intuitively identify the active Archetypes & Archetypal Matches that are generating the challenges of your current Relationship Magnetics
  • Allow you to assess when the Dark Night of a Relationship is on the move and how to work with this Alchemy consciously so that you can avoid the Trickster 2×4 wake-up call.
  • Give you the necessary magnetic coordinates to get back to your Power as a Relationship Co-creator whenever you are feeling lost
Robert Ohotto

About Robert Ohotto

Robert Ohotto is recognized as a trailblazing presence within the field of psycho-spirituality, multi-sensory development, and human consciousness. His groundbreaking work with intuition and archetypes has been featured on Oprah Radio, The History Channel, Lifetime TV, and in Fortune Magazine.

For nearly two decades, Robert has been highly sought after for his dynamic teachings, intuitive consultations, and unique astrological expertise. His leading-edge work challenges the conventions of mind-body-spirit paradigms by integrating intuitive development, archetypes, and evolutionary life cycles. He is the author of the bestselling book ‘Transforming Fate into Destiny’.

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