Reflections Parallel: The Intuitive Adult


In this epic Course you’ll learn how to create and activate a new Inner Child Survival Management System that’s run by a new Archetypal Team. Its powerful alchemy will help feel supported in new ways that allow you to grow into The Spiritually Mature Co-Creative Intuitive Adult that you were truly born to be.

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About this Reflections Parallel Series

It’s often been said that we rise and fall in Life based on the level of our Systems…

While I have found this statement to be absolutely true, for most folks, this truth is often mostly applied to the Systems that run their outer life – without a deeper consideration as to the creative power of one’s Inner Systems, and what those even are.

Our Inner Systems are not only crucial in ways that we often don’t consider, they are so powerful that they ultimately determine, in all areas of our lives – both inner and outer – whether we rise or fall, succeed or fail, connect or disconnect, love or hate, stay disempowered or become empowered, stay sick or heal, stay with or abandon ourselves, and even whether we psychologically grow up or remain a child.

Our Inner Systems are, in fact, the ground zero upon which the rest of our Life is built.

And nothing is perhaps more core to our Life’s creative foundation than the Interior System that manages our Inner Child Archetype and its wounded sense of worth in a shame based culture, unmet essential needs, and primary survival fears – vulnerabilities so strong in the Human Psyche that the Child in us subconsciously recruits an entire Interior Archetypal Team to manage and protect them.

This Archetypal Team comprises what I call your Inner Child Survival Management System.

You might know this Inner Archetypal Team/Survival Management System all too well through your experience of its protective maneuvers and reactive patterns. In fact, it might paradoxically seem like this Inner Team, which perhaps once helped you as a Child, is now responsible for much of your self-sabotage & self-abandonment as an adult.

For example, on this Inner Archetypal Team you might find: The Perfectionist, Addict, Victimized Co-dependent Empath, Blood Donor, Shadow Shape Shifter, Shadow Victim, Saboteur, Bitch, Bully, Invisible Child, Light Dimmer, Starving Artist/Healer, People Pleaser, Shadow Rescuer, Isolated Shadow Hermit, Shadow Narcissist, Shadow Judge…and that’s just to name a few possibilities!

Yet, currently having any one of these Inner Team Members demonstrates that the experiences which have shaped your childhood continue to echo right now in who you are via Archetypes like these, and have likely echoed in every choice that you have made – both conscious and unconscious – in your adult life.

Additionally, there is something even more crucial that I have discovered during my years of doing intuitive readings which might be essential to understanding your Inner Child’s Team:

You may not have the generic ‘Inner Child Archetype’ that has been identified by much of our current Family Systems Psychology – in fact, you may have the Inner Multisensory & Empathic Child Archetype instead.

In addition to many other Inner Child Archetypes, The Inner Multisensory & Empathic Child Archetype is something that I will be covering in depth for the first time ever inside this masterclass level Reflections Parallel Course.

I can’t wait to share with you inside the Course how having this unique Inner Child Archetype absolutely changes everything when it comes the Inner Child Survival Management System that one needs – something that I’ve never taught before.

For now, it should be understood that the Inner Multisensory & Empathic Child Archetype is something that doesn’t fit into the established 5-Sensory Psychological Family Systems & Parenting Models that exist today.

In fact, these 5-Sensory Psychologies often consider the Multisensory & Empathic Child’s high empathic bandwidth and multisensory gifts as symptoms of a pathology, rather than as Forces of a very unique Soul merging with a human child’s psychological development.

With this kind of dismissive labeling, how could any Multisensory & Empathic Child ever be seen, understood, guided, and parented in nurturing and empowering ways? How could they ever feel at ‘Home’?

Now, let’s take everything I’ve just shared and enter into the current state of the World together, and why it has everything to do with your Inner Child Survival Management System – and, furthermore, what you are called to become next in this New Age of profound Shift:

A Spiritually Mature Co-creative Intuitive Adult.

During this time when the World is finding itself ‘between Worlds’ – an essential question to ask yourself as an adult is: ‘How do I Self-Parent?’

Furthermore: ‘How have I been Self-Parenting during these past years as our World turned upside down?’

While most of our responses might include some positive aspects that we might turn into a cover story to hide our deeper painful, and perhaps, unconscious Truths – the Truth is that we each Self-Parent according to the way that we internalized whatever form of Parenting we received, or perhaps lack thereof.

That said, if we looked through the Eyes of Shadow Work, we’d likely see that most of our Inner Parenting is pretty awful – especially that of late, which tends to embody the same abandonment we experienced by the Parental Figures of our Childhood.

For example, an inventory of our Inner Child’s Archetypal Parenting Team mighty reveal how we Self-Parent via our Perfectionist, Addict, Shadow Judge, Workaholic, Codependent, Shadow Rescuer, Blood Donor, People Pleaser, and/or…(fill in your Archetypes.)

Yes, sadly many of us compulsively use these Archetypes, and more, to parent our Inner Child! Especially the Inner Multisensory & Empathic Child…

In the end, all of these approaches are painful forms of self-abandonment that only reinforce the need to self-soothe in ways that are, in turn, self-abandoning. And often we self-soothe via the very same Archetypes that are causing our self-abandonment!

And down further we loop and spiral…with our Inner Child feeling more and more hopeless and homeless.

But, there is good news – this heartbreaking Inner Child Survival Management System that activates this Self-Abandonment Loop doesn’t have to Parent our Inner Child anymore, there is a new Mystical Way…

Yet, as with all things Mystical, I promise you that this new way is likely not what you might ‘think’…

Rather, it’s something that is full of Divine Paradox, Heart, Mystical Light, New Archetypes, New Ways of Thinking and Perceiving, New Insights, a New Multisensory Psychology, a New Archetypal Sense of Home for the Orphan, Mystical Self-Parenting, and New Mystical Inner/Outer Survival Systems of Consciousness that birth a new creative Archetypal Force in your Psyche – The Intuitive Adult.

And all of that is exactly what I’m here to teach you during our compassionate, empowering, transformative, and healing 8-Lesson Journey together.

In this epic Course you’ll learn how to create and activate a new Inner Child Survival Management System that’s run by a new Archetypal Team. One that powerfully supports all your Inner Children (Yes, you can have more than one Child Archetype), most notably the Inner Multisensory & Empathic Child Archetype.

The time has come to give up the usual vicious Self-Abandonment Loop that has most of us spiraling into dark feelings and psychological instability during these chaotic times.

Instead, learn how to create an Inner Home – one that empowers you to feel safe, secure, esteemed, and capable of surviving no matter where you are, or what’s happening, in the World.

Miracles and Magic await, so please come journey through this course with me. Its powerful alchemy will help feel supported in new ways that allow you to grow into The Spiritually Mature Co-Creative Intuitive Adult that you were truly born to be.

It lights my Soul up to imagine just how much the power of this course will forever change the trajectory of your Life as you tap into new Interior Powers and Resources.

-Robert Ohotto

Lesson 1:

Identifying Your Inner Home

  • What are Archetypes? 
  • Culture, Society, & Family: What is Home as an Archetype? 
  • The Aquarian Shift of Home: Evolving into a New Age via The Orphan Child Archetype
  • The Outer vs. Inner Home: Safety, Security, Esteem, & Survival
  • The Inner Home as a Psychic System
  • The Inherited & Adapted Inner Home – Your Archetypal Psychic DNA
  • The Outer Magnetics of Inner Archetypes
  • My Archetypal System: Identifying Your Archetypes via Four Categories
  • Family Archetypes: The Roles we play in the Family System
  • Parental Archetypes: Understanding Your Outer vs. Internalized Parental Figures as Archetypes
  • Childhood and The Child Archetype
  • One Inner Child Archetype or Children?
  • Caveats of Self-Care for this Course
  • Guided Inner Work: Meeting your Outer & Internalized Parents

Lesson 2:

The Inner Child & Inner Parental Archetypes

  • Processing the Guided Inner Work of Lesson One
  • How to Identify Your Inner Child Archetypes
  • The Four Types Esteem that Archetypes Manage
  • The Anatomy & Laws of the Human Psyche
  • Esteem Development & The Subconscious Mind
  • How the Subconscious Mind works with Archetypes
  • Origins: Identifying Your Primary Inner Child Archetype
  • Intro to Profiling The Inner Child Archetypes: Wounded Child, Invisible Child, Hypersensitive Child, Eternal Child, Magical Child, Scapegoat Child, Trophy Child, Abandoned Child, Abused Child, Advanced Child, Orphaned Child, Divine Child, Adult Child, Rejected Child, Golden Child, Rebellious Child, Overachiever Child, Dramatic Child, Enlightened Child, Prodigy Child, Genius Child, and The Multisensory & Empathic Child
  • Identifying Your Primary Inner Child Archetype
  • Identifying Your Other Children – Your Inner Child Sub-archetypes
  • Guided Inner Work: Meeting Your Primary Inner Child Archetype & Other Children

Lessons 3:

Your Inner Child’s Recruited Archetypal Teams

  • Processing the Guided Inner Work of Lesson Two
  • Profiling The Inner Child Archetypes Continued with Their Parental Matches
  • How Your Inner Child Survival Management Team was Created
  • Childhood Survival Adaptations – Archetypes & The Subconscious Mind Continued…
  • How The Rejected Child’s Journey Begins Pre-birth
  • Childhood & Soul Archetypes – Survival Ally or Family System Enemy?
  • The Empathic Soul’s Vulnerability of Being a Human Child
  • Identifying Your Inner Child’s Recruited Survival Management Team
  • The Magnetics of Your Inner Child & Its Team
  • Guided Home Work: Identifying Your Current Inner System of Home Part I

Lesson 4:

The Dark Night of Your Inner Child Survival Management Team

  • Fate & Inherited Survival Adaptations from Culture, Society, and Family
  • Intro to Profiling Outer & Inner Parental Archetypes: Wicked Queen Mother, Tyrannical Father, Wicked Step-Mother, Wounded Father, Codependent Mother, Alcoholic Father/Mother, Absent Father/Mother, Benevolent King Father/Queen Mother, Mommy Dearest, Fundamentalist Parent, Hippy Parent, Betty Crocker, Mr. Mom, (and more…)
  • Your Parental Figures’ Wounded Inner Child
  • Trauma: Wasn’t traumatic for me, why was it for you?
  • Childhood & The Psychic Time Warp of Trauma Anchors
  • Intro to Profiling Survival Archetypes of Adaptation: Shadow Victim, Shadow Narcissist, Codependent Empath, Perfectionist, Shadow Rescuer, Starving Artist/Teacher/Healer, Bully, Addict, Vampire, Blood Donor, and The Invisible, Adult Child, and Rebellious Child…
  • The Inner Child & Its Sabotage Team
  • When Your Inner System of Home enters a Dark Night Process
  • Guided Home Work: Identifying Your Current Inner System of Home Part II

Lesson 5:

The Dark Night – A Shift in One System is a Shift in All Systems

  • Identifying Your Assumptions & Associations within this New Model of Archetypes
  • The Three Expressions of Archetypes: Shadow, Light, and Mystical
  • Understanding the Human Psyche as an Inner Ecology of Archetypal Systems
  • How our Inner & Outer Systems Interbe & Interrelate
  • Trauma & Transgenerational Trauma Anchors
  • Profiling Survival Archetypes Continued…with Sub-Archetypes & Transgenerational Survival Psychic DNA (Shadow Narcissist/Vampire, Shadow Codependent Empath/Codependent Victimized Empath, Shadow Judge, Shadow Rescuer, Shadow Healer, Shadow Shapeshifter/The People Pleaser, The Addict & The Mystic, The Shadow Prostitute & Starving Artist/Healer/Teacher)
  • Why do we all have a Sabotage Team?
  • Identifying your Saboteurs…
  • Which Archetypes on your Inner Child’s Survival Management Team are in a Dark Night Process?
  • Guided Inner Work: Meeting Your Inner Child’s Survival Management Team

Lesson 6:

The Dark Night Mystical Pivot & Meeting Your Mystical Parents

  • Processing the Guided Inner Work of Lesson Five
  • Deepening the Profile for your current Inner System of Home
  • Our Collective Dark Night of Home as Source of Multiple Personal Dark Nights
  • Facing The Dark Night of Your Inner System of Home
  • What is the Dark Night and how does it begin?
  • The Primary Markers of a Dark Night Cycle
  • Dark Nights and Your Relationship with the Unknown
  • The Dark Night & Trauma Anchors
  • Intro: The Six Stages of Your Inner System of Home’s Dark Night Process
  • The Necessity of Dismantling the Power of Identity and its Archetypal Support System
  • Guided Home Work: Evaluating Stages 1 – 3 of the Dark Night Process

Lesson 7:

Activating The Spiritually Mature Co-creative Intuitive Adult

  • The Six Stages of the Dark Night continued…Stages 3 – 5
  • The Two Between Phases of Alchemy and Instruction within a Dark Night’s Stages
  • The Necessity of Dismantling the Power of Identity and its Archetypal Support System
  • The Synchronicity of Fate, Archetypal Transition Teams, The Shadow Trickster, Soul Prayers, and the Process of Mystical Forgiveness
  • How to see your Blind Sides during a Dark Night
  • The Power of Both/And
  • The Human vs. Cosmic Heart
  • Meeting your Vertical & Horizontal Axes of Co-Creation during a Dark Night
  • Beginning The Mystical Pivot at Midnight
  • Meeting Your Mystical Archetypes: The Mystic, Mystical Parents, Mystical Lover, Mystical Alchemist, Mystical Love Rebel, & The Mystical Sovereigns
  • Mystical Parenting via Mystical Laws, Truth, & Mystical Archetypes
  • Understanding the Adult Archetype
  • Cultivating a Both/And Mindset
  • The Chiron Archetype: The Mystical Self & The Gifts of the Orphan Child
  • Multisensory Psychology, The Child, & The Intuitive Adult
  • The Truth Telling of Clear Intuition
  • Seeing and taking Responsibility for Karmic Interconnections
  • Dealing with Power & Powerlessness Mix-ups
  • Guided Inner Work: Receiving the Instructions of Your Dark Night Process

Lesson 8:

Mystically & Consciously Recreating Home

  • Processing The Guided Inner Work of Lesson Seven
  • The Dark Night Continued…Stages 5 – 6
  • The Necessity of the Experimentalist Archetype
  • Why you can’t Mystically Self-Parent without a Connection to Greater Power
  • Why Intuitive Adult?
  • What it means to live Intuitively
  • Making the Shift from The Multisensory & Empathic Child to Intuitive Adult
  • The Necessity of having an ongoing Adult Shadow Process
  • Creating Adult Standards & Letting Go of Shadow Conditions
  • Unconditional Love & Karmic Accountability
  • Working with a new Code of Self-Connection
  • Letting your Inner Child…be a Child
  • Mystically handling a Relapse back to an Old Archetype or Archetypal Team
  • Birth of The Creative Child Archetype
  • Mastering the Intuitive Art of Connection with Others
  • Working with the new Aquarian Archetypal Patterns of Family & Tribe
  • Why this is the Age of the Spiritually Mature Co-Creative Intuitive Adult
  • How to Feel Safe and at Home anywhere in the World
  • Co-Creating a New Collective Home Together
  • Guided Closing Prayer…
Robert Ohotto

About Robert Ohotto

Robert Ohotto is recognized as a trailblazing presence within the field of psycho-spirituality, multi-sensory development, and human consciousness. His groundbreaking work with intuition and archetypes has been featured on Oprah Radio, The History Channel, Lifetime TV, and in Fortune Magazine.

For nearly two decades, Robert has been highly sought after for his dynamic teachings, intuitive consultations, and unique astrological expertise. His leading-edge work challenges the conventions of mind-body-spirit paradigms by integrating intuitive development, archetypes, and evolutionary life cycles. He is the author of the bestselling book ‘Transforming Fate into Destiny’.

For years, Robert Ohotto has been a popular guest teacher on under the Reflections Parallel banner, with numerous transformative Reflections Parallel Courses to his credit. You can learn more about Robert’s work, latest offerings, and the launch of his new podcast ‘Your Intuitive Edge’ by visiting