Reflections: Riding the Phoenix Part I


We are living the myth of the Phoenix falling from its perch into the fires of transformation. Much of our familiar world will indeed be reduced to ashes. And yet, the promise of the Phoenix is that it will rise again – it always rises again. And so, will we.

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Learn more about Riding the Phoenix Part I”

We are all sharing one collective experience – a global pandemic. This experience will change all our lives and redirect the future of life on this planet. We have entered the unknown together and no other experience in the history of humanity – wars, floods, earthquakes, droughts – has been able to so unify the global community around the same opponent, an invisible, organic virus. We must each day decide how we will cope with this journey that in every way is mythic in proportions: We are living the myth of the Phoenix falling from its perch into the fires of transformation. Much of our familiar world will indeed be reduced to ashes. And yet, the promise of the Phoenix is that it will rise again – it always rises again. And so, will we.

This myth embodies the ever-present cycle of renewal. This is the first time in history that we have entered this cycle together, though we have imagined this very event in so many Hollywood films. Something in our collective imagination considered that the unthinkable, the unimaginable could happen. As usual, the artists often predict through their craft, through their books, paintings and films, what we cannot speak about in ordinary conversation.

But we have indeed been undergoing a preparation for some type of global event or catastrophe for some time. The growing fear of nuclear terrorism or a nuclear war has been with us for decades now. The increasingly dramatic changes in weather patterns credited to climate change are impacting the entire population now through the advent of super cell tornadoes, unparalleled floods, annual record-breaking temperatures, hurricanes that require evacuations of hundreds of thousands of people, never-ending droughts, and the phenomenon of polar vortexes over the Midwest of the United States. Our world has been changing all along.

The truth is we have been observers of all of these changes. Now we need to recognize the deeper mystical truth that we are the engines of all that is created in our world. Decades ago, a mystical truth downloaded into our collective consciousness: We create our own reality. That truth became popularized overnight. It became the source, the impetus that gave rise to our hybrid ego, the Inner Self, that necessary internal vessel we require for the exploration of “inner space”. But there was a much greater, a much more profound purpose behind the need for us to evolve an Inner Self and it is that purpose that we need now to understand. We need the spiritual power of our Inner Self – and the mystical authority of our soul – to navigate the challenges and the mysteries of this mythic sojourn of the Phoenix that has been initiated by this virus. We are tumbling into the ashes of our lives, into the unknown more and more every day, watching our familiar world slip away and sometimes with someone we love consumed in these farewells. But we were born to be here for this great moment in time. We are the ones alive now. We are the ones riding this Phoenix and we must each listen to the truth we were born knowing, that archetypal code written into our collective soul, that the cycle of loss always brings us back to the cycle of life.

Truth and archetypal wisdom come from returning to the beginning of this journey – one that did not begin when this virus erupted months ago. No, were launched into this journey the second we entered the nuclear age, the age of energy, the beginning of the era of the energy consciousness of life itself. In order to understand the significance and the meaning of the phenomenon of the global community being called to a halt – not by a war but by an organic force of nature – we need to go back to the time when we first unleashed our capacity to destroy all nature, the beginning of the nuclear age.

Our capacity to destroy life on a global scale was the second we initiated the transformation of our relationship to life – most importantly of the human template itself. The moment we created the means to destroy all life was the second our design, our understanding of life, our relating to life with merely five physical senses, and even our understanding of the nature of God, became inadequate. We needed to evolve our energetic (nuclear-mystical) consciousness, and so that long preparation for where we are today, began decades ago.

This Reflections class will be our collective sojourn, beginning with an exploration into our mythic entry decades ago into this era of transformation that initiated our spiritual awakening and continuing through examining in detail the profound preparation that has been unfolding all this time within the ordinary joys and challenges of our lives.

We have been undergoing an awakening in ways seen and unseen, hidden in plain sight, since the end of World War II. For all that we may have thought or mused about what it means to “create our own reality”, now we are facing a predicament together that calls for us to comprehend and live that mystical law, as well as all the other mystical laws, as a living, breathing organic theology, We do indeed creation our own reality but we also influence each other’s reality. Co-creation is a collective enterprise. We need to live that truth as an organic spiritual practice together. Our lives really do depend upon it.


Lesson 1:

Myths: The Codebook of the Gods

  • Myths are stories that attempt to describe the power of God
  • The importance of understanding symbolic/archetypal language
  • Phoenix
  • Prometheus and the fire
  • Collision of the gods
  • We have always studied the power of God
    • Between myths
  • The power of your own myths
    • Why do you need to know your God myths?
    • The need to recognize if you are free floating
  • Simultaneous events that need a symbolic interpretation
    • Dead Sea Scrolls
    • Nag Hammadi
    • Vatican II
    • Birth of Israel
    • Thomas Merton
    • Dalai Llama exits Tibet
    • Moon landing – Outer space/Inner Space
  • Personal Work
    • What this means for your life now.

Lesson 2:

The Power of the Light Within

Light is the mystical substance of the cosmos. It is the element through which the Divine has always made its presence known. We are comprised of Light – from atoms and molecules to our energy system to the holy Light of the soul. Your Light is your life force, the source of all that you understand as your “power”.


  • The Light behind your eyes
  • What it means to “shine your Light” upon another person
  • Health and your Light
  • When your Light dims

Lessons 3:

God as Law

This is a well-ordered Universe. Everything and all living creatures are governed by the laws of its nature and by the greater laws of nature itself. Our physical body and health are governed by laws. And, you have established personal laws, rules, traditions, and habits that order your daily life. The absence of these regulations would result in absolute chaos. We count on the order of nature for everything from the flow of the seasons and the tides to the archetypal patterns of death and rebirth. This order, this constancy, is the very nature of God, present in every molecule of life.


  • The mystical laws and their co-creation
  • The power of choice is law
  • The way of life and Law

Lesson 4:

The Necessary Revolution

  • Exploding old forms
  • Mass exodus from traditions
    • What has to die; what has to be born
    • External power to inner authority of the soul
  • Eastern Religions versus Western Christianity
  • Sexuality
  • Spiritual possibilities
  • The psyche and unconscious awaken: (the psychic Pandora’s box)
  • Our own necessary revolution
    • Why everyone has the impulse to break away from old forms;
    • You will have several revolutions in your life, the need to shed old forms;
    • And our collective will revolt as required. All is One, remember that.
  • Into the Rabbit Hole: The Exploration of the Inner Self begins
  • Everyone has now discovered their Inner Self.
  • Personal Work
    • What is the spiritual role of your Inner Self?

Lesson 5:

Making this Personal

  • What initiated your personal Revolution?
    • Energetic needs that won’t be denied
    • Inner creativity
    • The need to heal
  • The awakening of your intuitive senses
  • The desire to explore your Inner Self
    • Identifying your Inner Self
    • Establishing a truthful relationship with your Inner Self
  • The dance of the anima-animus and sexual evolution
  • The phenomenon of healing and the Healer archetype
  • Understanding your craving for “your own space” while wanting intimate companionship
  • The birth of the spiritual quest in you and others
  • The essential struggles that are required of all of us and why

Lesson 6:

From Preparation to Practice: Personal Work

  • What I have learned that will come in handy for you
    • The limitations of the mind
    • Faith/Trust/Compassion/Courage
  • Your life is changing and will continue to change
    • No going back – only forward
  • The essential struggles: external survival versus internal
    • Congruence and the power of co-creation
  • Spirituality is a living devotion
    • What is your daily practice?
  • Identify that sacred voice within
  • Prayer time
Caroline Myss

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Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. Caroline established her own educational institute in 2003, CMED (Caroline Myss Education), which offers a diverse array of programs devoted to personal development and draws students from all over the world. In addition to her written work, Caroline maintains a rigorous international workshop and lecture schedule and has produced more than eighty audio/visual products on subjects that include healing, spirituality, personal development, and the study of archetypes.

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