Caristia Sanders

As your Professional Sacred Contracts Consultant, Caristia takes you on a journey into your soul. On this journey, you will develop a deep understanding of who you really are and how the events of your life are an expression of your soul’s journey. You will explore the way you respond to the world around you and the people you attract into your life. Most importantly, you will consider the question we all ask – What is the purpose of my life? At the end of this journey you will have identified the 12 Archetypes and the Sacred Contract that are your blueprint for this Earth Journey.

Archetypal study shows us very clearly that our lives revolve around the choices we make, everyday. It reminds us that every situation presents us with choices. We can continue making the same choices and experience the same outcomes (our Fate), or we can make new choices that lead us towards our Destiny.

What is our Destiny?

It is our full potential – all we can be.

Using the information provided by our Archetypes, we start making more Destiny than Fate choices.

You can take this journey with a group or individually with Caristia. Both offer valuable, yet different learning experiences. For those who are at a distance, it is just as beneficial to complete this work by phone or Skype.

Caristia has spent a large part of her life exploring and researching the spiritual aspects of life. She has studied theology at university and read widely in both personal development and spiritual mysticism.

In 2002, Caristia identified her 12 personal Archetypes. During 2005, she qualified with the Myss Institute in Melbourne as an Archetype Consultant.

In 2012, Caristia studied with the Myss Institute USA to complete certification as a Professional Sacred Contract Consultant.

Caristia has taken many people on this exciting and enlightening Archetypal journey. This is what clients have said:

I loved this course! I was ‘stuck’ in my life at the time and did not know how or what to do about it… archetypes helped me enormously in seeing my strengths and weaknesses and later to take action to make positive changes in my life. I found it very insightful as a clarifying tool then and now, being able to recognise my inherent archetypal patterns and also how to do ‘working charts’ for specific challenges. Linking them in with other schools of thought helped them to make even more sense. And I still love observing them in myself, as well as seeing the archetypes running in other people… the victim, the rescuer, the drama queen!


I was a typical Type A personality pushing on through life at great speed with varying degrees of outward success, but quite dislocated from myself.
This archetype course revealed the various, surprising composite parts of myself, giving me a deep and ever developing understanding of who I am. The AHHA moments during the course still resonate profoundly. Caristia is an experienced, wise, and compassionate guide leading you through the process of discovery and re-acquaintance with your archetypes. She is an extraordinary teacher and mentor. I am, several years later, still a type A personality, but this course has transformed my life into a more holistic balanced life adventure as I have learned to become my own best friend.


When my mother and I worked together on our archetypes under Caristia¹s intelligent and thoughtful guidance, our relationship permanently shifted out of the criticism/resentment merry-go-round we had been on for 40-plus years. The archetype model enabled us to be totally honest with each other in a blame free way and we have been much closer since then. We now have a mechanism for communicating clearly with each other and now, five years down the track, we are getting on better than I ever thought possible.


Caristia also has over 20 years experience in the business community, assisting people through the process of change in the workplace. This ranges from developing new skills and work practices, to coping with the emotional upheavals generated by major workplace changes such as restructuring and redundancy.

Caristia holds a Degree in Teaching Adults, a Masters in Social Science (Counseling Studies) and a Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Phone +61 (0)8 7324 0939
Mobile – 0418 415 591
Email – [email protected]

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