Susanne Gawreluk

St Paul, MN

Intrigued by Sacred Contracts?
Interested in Gaining a Practical Understanding of Your Archetypes?

Susanne Gawreluk is an “Interior Designer” of the Soul – Championing the Discovery of the Sacred Self

I would be honored to assist you to reveal your authentic self through the “eyes” of your 12 archetypes.
We will blend my passion for this process with a spark of humor and touch of creativity

This practical tool of self-discovery will enable you to:
• identify your many gifts and challenges
• gain a greater sense of self-awareness
• engage your intuitive abilities
• liberate unnecessary old patterning
• grasp the universal wisdom of symbolic sight

Susanne is a 2005 graduate of CMED as a Certified Archetypal Consultant, has attended the graduate classes and returned to “angel” for class 3 of Sacred Contracts.
She hosts learning groups in the Twin Cities and Anchorage, Alaska.
With a B.A. in Interpersonal Communications and has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 1999.

Susanne will integrate the Body, Mind and Spiritual Healing Art philosophies of many Master’s teachings, chakra interpretation & energy balancing, as a certified Healing Touch practitioner, and intuitive perception into your sessions together for a transformational experience.

Call 651-442-6637 or email [email protected]
Private sessions in person or over the phone,
Group workshops or Weekend retreats are also available.

Peace and Passion – Susanne

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FREE video seminar

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