Class 3: Fate & Destiny – Sample

Introduction to Sacred Contracts 3


Welcome to Sacred Contracts 3! You have already traveled a long way on your path of self-discovery.

In Sacred Contracts 3 you will embark on a powerful journey of transformation as you make a choice about what part of your life you want to shift from a path of fate to a path of destiny. The difference between fate and destiny is leading a life that is either dictated by your ego or having the courage to release the control of your ego and follow the command of the Divine. The destiny of the soul is to serve others. Fate is the service of the ego. The pursuit of destiny is a high-risk venture and it is a demanding and rigorous endeavor.

You will be casting a chart with thirty-six archetypes in the three wheels and it is going to be an enlightening experience. Working with your fate and destiny chart involves a year-long commitment, during which you focus on one house per month and the three archetypes in that house.

So let’s get started …

Introduction to Fate & Destiny with Caroline

For your Sacred Contracts Journal:
Questions about fate & destiny

1. What do you think destiny would be for you?

2. What can you imagine as the difference between your fate and your destiny?

3. If you look at your life, what difference would you see between living it from fate or from destiny?

4. Do you think your destiny is an occupation?

5. Do you think of destiny as a life where your security is increased or is security not even on the drawing board?

6. What areas of your life have you relinquished control of? List the areas of your life that seem to be fated because you have never taken charge of them or acted on them directly as you really could have…

7. What do you personally feel entitled to? List the things you feel you are entitled to.

8. What you tell yourself that is not true? What you know is not true? Write a story about a fiction you tell yourself.

At the start of this fate to destiny wheel, you create an intention using a specific format. First you name the issue that has been fating you and that you are choosing to release. This is the fate. Second, you name what you want to invoke, the destiny. The question is worded “I am releasing the fate of … and invoking the destiny of …”

The fate to destiny wheel has the potential to change your life entirely. During this process you work with a fate, a frustrating and destructive story that you’re fated to repeat over and over again. You may have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on therapy trying to heal this in you to no avail. You have likely tried every method you could learn to dislodge this stubborn place in you. The fate you release in this wheel is something you are more than ready to let go of. It is past time. You just need to know how. You know you’re stuck and you’re willing to commit yourself over a year to unlock your potential and discover your destiny.

This powerful process gives you the pathway out of the fate and into the cosmic destiny that awaits.

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