Chart of Origin – Sacred Contracts Group – Winter 2023


Receive direct personal guidance casting and interpreting your Chart of Origin. Registration opening soon!

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Chart of Origin - Sacred Contracts Groups

Chart of Origin Group: New Group Starting Winter, 2023!

Receive direct personal guidance casting and interpreting your Chart of Origin. This chart uses archetypes and the astrological houses (also an ancient archetypal formation) to identify underlying patterns (archetypes) that govern your life and where they have the most symbolic and at times, physical influence. Archetypes have equal shadow and light aspects and allow you to view your life symbolically and impersonally. The Chart of Origin is the foundation for the Journey of Transformation Chart and Fate to Destiny Wheel.

This program is limited to 12 Sacred Contracts Online students.

Please read the requirements carefully. There are no refunds for this group once you have enrolled.

You must either be enrolled in the Sacred Contracts Online Course and have completed Class 1 through Chapter 5: Your Personal Eight Archetypes.


If you are not enrolled in Sacred Contracts Online Course, you must have read “Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential” through Chapter 5 : Identifying Your Archetypal Patterns.

This group begins at the conclusion of Class 1 Chapter 5 of the course, and Chapter 5 of the book. If you have not completed this material, you will not be ready to participate fully in the group. If you choose to stay in the group without the prerequisite knowledge, you may book individual sessions with one of our mentors for an additional fee.  (Individual sessions are also available for an additional fee for any group member who may desire more support.)