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Anatomy of the Soul: Exploring our Seven Levels of Sacred Power

November 6-9, 2023 • The Wedgewood Hotel & Spa, Vancouver, BC

In this workshop we will explore the seven levels of power that make up the design of the human soul. Each level of your soul is like an inner power system that you rely upon to navigate your external life.

It’s been more than twenty-years since I wrote, Anatomy of the Spirit, a book in which I explored the extraordinary soul map of the chakras, the Jewish Tree of Life, and the Christian sacraments. All three mystical teachings share universal truths: That the human soul has multiple levels of consciousness; that we are born with sacred truths already active within our unconscious that express themselves through our nature; that we are designed like heat-seeking missiles to find truth; and that our life, our mental, psychological and physical health thrives when we develop and rely upon our inherent resources of grace and guidance.

I have continued to explore the power of the soul through the years, as my understanding of the power of the human soul eventually led me into the rich field of mysticism. I was truly awestruck in discovering the life and writings of Saint Teresa of Avila, a 16th Century Carmelite nun, who described the soul, which she called the “interior castle”, as having seven mansions. The time I spent writing, Entering the Castle, profoundly changed my own spiritual life, as I began to glimpse the power of mystical consciousness. We will explore mystical consciousness in this workshop, in particular as this cosmic inner state relates to our expanding understanding of the nature of the Divine.

I believe that life is only about discovering our sacred nature and the power we possess within us. Everything we do in life, everything we think, say, feel, create, or destroy, is the result of a choice we make individually or as a society (collectively). And every choice we make is an act of co-creation animated by the power of our soul. Life is only the experience of co-creation and we continually refine our capacity to recognize the power of our choices and their creative consequences, not just in our personal lives but in the whole of the world. We are born knowing the truth that choice is our greatest power and that we are held accountable for the quality of our choices in this life. We may not consciously realize that, but our soul knows this truth. We are born knowing that the power of our soul is the most precious power we have. Our soul is the creative engine of our entire life. Our inner stresses and conflicts, our capacity to love and to understand the power of love, our issues with forgiveness and personal justice, the urgency we all feel to develop self-esteem – are all soul-generated. The human soul is the source of every one of our deeper desires, such as our need for meaning and purpose in our life.

With all that in mind, in this workshop we will explore the seven levels of power that make up the design of the human soul. Each level of your soul is like an inner power system that you rely upon to navigate your external life. And each level resonates with soul qualities and grace that become animated within us as a consequence of the choices that we make throughout each moment of our life. Each level of your inner nature is a field of consciousness unto itself. The subjects we will discuss include:

  • A rich description of your seven levels of power
  • Merging the teachings of the chakras, the seven mansions of Teresa, the Tree of Life, and the major seven graces.
  • The power of choice and the wonder of words
  • What “co-creation” means and how you participate in creating your reality
  • Mystical consciousness: your true highest potential
  • What is a human being capable of understanding? What is our intuitive potential?
  • A new model for health and healing

Each of these topics could be workshop unto itself, as the teachings are so rich. This is an era of dynamic change as well as chaos, but truly it is a privilege to be alive at a time when we are discovering so much about the power of our own nature. This is truly a new era of human consciousness and beyond that, sacred consciousness. I hope you will join me for this workshop.

Caroline Myss

Luxury, Boutique Hotel in the heart of Downtown Vancouver
Located in Downtown Vancouver, this boutique hotel features beautifully-furnished rooms, each with a private balcony where valued guests can find seclusion in the heart of a vibrant, cosmopolitan city.
Resort information:

November 6-9, 2023
Monday: Welcome Message – 5:30pm / Dinner – 6:30pm
Tuesday: Workshop – 9:30am – 3:30pm
Wednesday: Workshop – 9:30am – 3:30pm
Thursday: Workshop, Lunch and Check Out – 9:30am to 2:00pm

I want to bring a companion who won’t be attending the workshop – can I do that?
Yes! Your companion can stay with you at no additional charge – they will just be responsible for their own meals. Just let us know in the order notes and we’ll make a note on your reservation.

I live nearby – is it possible to attend this workshop without staying at the hotel?
The venue where this workshop is being held has limited capacity and we only have enough space for people who are staying at the hotel. For this reason, we are unable to offer other options for attendance.

Is there any certification or Continuing Education credit offered with this workshop?
While our workshops can benefit and enhance your professional practice, we do not offer any certification or CE credit.

Do you offer any scholarships or discounts in exchange for work?
We are not equipped to evaluate students for aptitude and/or financial need equitably – therefore we are unable to offer scholarships. Our workshops are professionally staffed so we do not offer discounts in exchange for service.

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