Pamela Wells

Pamela Wells

Pamela Wells, MFA

Hello. My name is Pamela Wells and I am a certified Sacred Contract Consultant. I also have a master certification in NLP timeline therapy as well as a Masters degree. I have done Sacred Contract readings for over a decade and I have created a unique coaching practice based on Caroline Myss’s book Sacred Contracts. My goal is to help you find your most powerful and meaningful life path and purpose based on your Sacred Contract.

Together we will identify your key archetypal patterns that will help you make better decisions as well as identify solutions to challenges you may have in your career and/or personal relationships. We begin by building your unique Sacred Contract chart that will become a powerful road map to guide you throughout your life. All your questions about your career or personal life are welcome!

Over the years I have worked with clients through some of these life challenges:
–Relationship–sexuality, sexual identity and marriage
–Addiction and Recovery: Porn, Food, Alcohol and Drugs
–Death and trauma (emotional and physical injuries or illness)
–Dysfunctional family or marriage, divorce
–Life path/purpose focus and summary
–Loss of power/empowerment
–Low self-esteem
–Mid-life crisis
–Personal identity confirmation or identity confusion/loss
–Career realignment and job creation/employment
–Spiritual or religious integration

I also offer 1 hour archetypal or life purpose coaching as well as a complete 4 hour archetypal reading and analysis. A complete 4 hour Sacred Contract Reading includes:

– An initial 2 hour telephone or personal consultation to identify your 12 main archetypes.
– Complete Sacred Contract chart emailed to you.
– A follow-up 1-2 hour analysis of your soul’s purpose and Sacred Contract.
– An email of your “Souls’ Purpose” mission statement to remind you of why you are on the life path you are on.
– Email list of suggestions including books to read and suggested next steps.
– Email follow-up consultation if needed, to answer any remaining questions you may have.

I am available for coaching and/or a Sacred Contract reading either in person in San Diego, California or over the telephone from anywhere in the world.

You can dm me for more information at [email protected] or see my YouTube channel for my videos about archetypes at:


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