Medical & Spiritual Intuition (Video)

Caroline Myss in Sedona 2019

Hi Everyone,

I recently taught a weekend intensive in Sedona on the subject of Medical & Spiritual Intuition. It represents the continued evolution of my work in mapping what I now understand to be a living Bio-Spiritual Theology & Holy Ecology.

Our health, in this intuitive age, simply demands new holistic approaches and more mystical management than ever before. Something that I am absolutely passionate about.

I felt it essential to introduce you to an additional and complimentary perspective via my brilliant colleague Robert Ohotto’s masterful work with Psycho-Spiritual Intuition. He thus lends his superb expertise to a few of the lessons that comprise the entire course.

Please enjoy this 30 minute excerpt from the workshop (above), and you can purchase the entire On Demand workshop here.

Much Love,


In this New Course You’ll Explore:


  • Medical Intuition & Mysticism
  • The Power Coordinates of Our Time
  • Healing via Power & Truth
  • The Power of a Bio-Spiritual Holy Ecology
  • Evolving Your Levels of Power
  • The Power behind Events
  • Diving Organics
  • Power Symbols
  • How you sabotage becoming whole
  • Life as a series of Power Calculations
  • Your Soul-Body-Emotional Clock
  • The Law of Balance
  • Your Energetic Anatomical System
  • Power as Currency
  • The Holographic Nature of Health
  • Natural Law & Suffering


  • The Power of a Superstition
  • Vertical vs. Horizontal Healing
  • The Psychic Profile of Various Illnesses
  • Identifying Your Power Anchors
  • The Illogical Nature of Illness & Healing
  • The Necessity of a Healing Vocabulary
  • Attitudes & Health
  • Why we don’t heal
  • The Head, The Heart, & Choice
  • The cost of attaching to a Spectacle
  • Your Three Levels of Consciousness
  • Archetypes & Grace
  • The dimming & lighting up of Collective Archetypes
  • Recognizing your own Guidance


Medical & Spiritual Intuition 2019

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FREE video seminar

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