Reflections: Light, Law, Love


In this Reflections series, I will introduce you to the power of your Light, to the workings of mystical Law, and to a cosmic view of love, beyond personal and romantic love.

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Introduction to “Light Law Love”
Second introduction to “Light Law Love”
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Light, law and love are the three currents of power that comprise the life force. But that sentence hardly captures the mystical nature and power of light, law and love or why this power should matter so much to you. I deeply believe that these three cosmic forces of creation are how the Divine organically flows through our ordinary life, through our blood and bones, through energizing our thoughts and emotions. As I pursued the nature of mystical consciousness, healing, and the power of the soul, I began to embrace a wondrously new understanding of the nature of the Divine, one that transcended all religious teachings about the existence of an off-planet God. Instead, I understood that the Divine was the ever-present organic system of life itself, the consciousness of all life interconnected into one cosmic network of all creation. This, for me, was the emergence of organic divinity – a way of comprehending the Divine as the source of all creation present in every molecule and atom of light and whose nature was revealed through the consistency of the laws of nature itself. The Divine was exactly like the laws of nature: consistent, universal, and impersonal.

The Divine was also mystifyingly intimate. And that intimacy is what we experience through the power of our choices, including the choice to pray. Unlike the other creatures we share this Earth with, we have the capacity to make choices that influence and indeed co-create the events of our personal lives, as well as the events we share with all humanity. Choice is our greatest power – and each of us is born knowing that truth. While I have often heard people say that love is the greatest power in life, the truth is we must first make the decision to choose love. Love is the most mysterious, baffling, magnetic, healing and empowering expression of the life force we can experience. Given how potent love is, we should all find loving others to be the easiest thing to do – and yet, loving others, making decisions motivated by love, empowering others, loving bigger than ourselves, and forgiving those who have hurt us – those are the most difficult challenges of life.

At the end of the day, every choice we make can be reduced to whether we are motived by the love of power or the power of love. Those choices determine how the “light” within us flows into acts of creation and magnetizes the mystical laws of creation. Light, Law and Love are the three currents of the Divine that run through our soul, animating every choice we make, from the smallest thoughts we have to the decisions that others witness. As I have learned from my own spiritual life – and with awesome appreciation – as impersonal as this universe is in terms of law and order, choice and consequence, it is also deeply intimate in that every choice is known and accounted for. The Divine is indeed all life itself. And all life breathes together.

And so, in this workshop, I will introduce you to the power of your Light, to the workings of mystical Law, and to a cosmic view of love, beyond personal and romantic love.

This is an era of self-empowerment, as all of you know. But I believe the reason we are compelled to understand the deeper nature of our personal power and to develop our inner self is because at some level, we realize that our power and life force are one and the same thing.

This is a time in which every person is aware of the need to develop self-esteem and to pursue a relationship with our inner self. Why? And why have we become so aware of our personal power and the devastating consequences of knowing you have said or done something that has “disempowered” you? Because you do indeed participate in the creation of your reality – and you understand at a deep level that it is your inner power that truly animates the entire ecology of your life – from your health to all you create. It is vital to understand how that mystical truth unfolds in your consciousness and in your life. The power of choice is so potent, so creative that it must not be reduced to thinking or saying, “I want this.” The universe has levels of consciousness and it is we who must come to realize the cause and impact of what motivates our choices until we finally understand that the power of love is the one great choice that truly serves the whole of creation.

Lesson 1:

The Age of Organic Divinity

We are emerging into a new era of consciousness. Among the many shifts within us that expanding human consciousness initiates is the capacity to explore the nature of the Divine with an expanded imagination. In this first session, I will introduce Organic Divinity which embraces a bio-spiritual-ecological cosmos, transcendent of traditional religious mythologies and rooted in the mystical truth that all life breathes together.


  • Organic Divinity and the way of wholism
  • All mystical traditions teach that “All is One”
  • Bio-spiritual-ecology may well be the emerging model of health

Lesson 2:

The Power of the Light Within

Light is the mystical substance of the cosmos. It is the element through which the Divine has always made its presence known. We are comprised of Light – from atoms and molecules to our energy system to the holy Light of the soul. Your Light is your life force, the source of all that you understand as your “power”.


  • The Light behind your eyes
  • What it means to “shine your Light” upon another person
  • Health and your Light
  • When your Light dims

Lessons 3:

God as Law

This is a well-ordered Universe. Everything and all living creatures are governed by the laws of its nature and by the greater laws of nature itself. Our physical body and health are governed by laws. And, you have established personal laws, rules, traditions, and habits that order your daily life. The absence of these regulations would result in absolute chaos. We count on the order of nature for everything from the flow of the seasons and the tides to the archetypal patterns of death and rebirth. This order, this constancy, is the very nature of God, present in every molecule of life.


  • The mystical laws and their co-creation
  • The power of choice is law
  • The way of life and Law

Lesson 4:

The Love of Power

Power is the fundamental ingredient of the human experience. Everything we do, think, say, feel, strategize, imagine and so forth is ultimately a “power calculation.” Will this choice bring me power, or will it cost me my power?  We ask ourselves that question in a million different ways, but no matter which way we ask that question, it always comes down to a power calculation.  Why is power so significant to us?


  • The necessity of learning the way of physical power
  • Our attraction to the world of stuff
  • Physical stuff and self-esteem
  • Buddha and the world of illusions

Lesson 5:

The Power of Love

What does it mean to be truly an empowered human being?  Empowerment is, in truth, the challenge of life itself. For that reason, self-empowerment unfolds in stages, one level at a time. From physical empowerment we must ascend to the deep and complex journey of personal empowerment. But by far the most challenging is the stage at which we become capable of empowering others, transitioning from that primal appetite for our love of power to the spiritual realization that it is the power of love that truly has the capacity to heal and transform others.


  • From personal to impersonal love
  • Love is the power of the Divine
  • Confronting the fear of empowering others
  • Becoming a holy agent of change

Lesson 6:

Conscious Choices/Sacred Consequences

We are sojourning through the most profound, chaotic, dramatic time of transformation in the history of humanity. Transformation is an all-consuming, global event. Even if you do not listen to the news or live in some remote area, the cosmic power of this time will reach you because, like a pandemic, transformation is a mystically vibrational force that in some way becomes coded into all life.


  • Every choice you make influences the whole
  • Light versus Darkness
  • The need for prayer and grace
  • Protect your power
Caroline Myss

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Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. Caroline established her own educational institute in 2003, CMED (Caroline Myss Education), which offers a diverse array of programs devoted to personal development and draws students from all over the world. In addition to her written work, Caroline maintains a rigorous international workshop and lecture schedule and has produced more than eighty audio/visual products on subjects that include healing, spirituality, personal development, and the study of archetypes.

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