Reflections: Riding the Phoenix Part III


In Phoenix III, we will continue our exploration into our journey of transformation, focusing our attention on how transformation pulsates through the power of your soul.

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Learn more about Riding the Phoenix Part III”

Please enjoy the first half hour of this course.

Look around your personal and external world at everything that is unfolding. Look slowly and reflectively at how rapidly everything is changing – everything. What part of our lives is not undergoing some expression of transformation? From the second we entered the nuclear age, this journey of transformation that we are sharing began. Entering the nuclear era marked our transition to the age of energy consciousness. And that leap into energy consciousness made it essential for us to advance into mystical consciousness simultaneously, as we must be able to spiritually as well as intellectually navigate the domain of the invisible. Scientists now study the energy world, the field of quantum physics, recognizing the “consciousness” of light particles. We call that invisible domain the realm of the sacred. Mystics have always known that Light was conscious – and more than conscious, that Light was a manifestation of the Sacred. We are now transitioning into a level of consciousness capable of merging the scientific reality of the laws of energy in science and the mystical truth of Divine order and the laws of co-creation.

That, in a nutshell, is the spiritual or archetypal reason the world is spinning in extraordinary cycles of change and will continue to spin in ever expanding patterns of consciousness for decades to come. We have entered into an energetic paradigm of power and everything about life now is directed to our comprehending that advanced paradigm of creation. There is no other path governing life now – none. Everything we do, everything we experience – absolutely everything – can be viewed as an active part of this cosmic-sized transition we are experiencing. We are experiencing the first stage of the greatest transformation in the history of civilization – from believing we were five sensory creatures subject to the events of life to awakening to the higher truth that we are multi-sensory beings that co-create the world we reside in. For the first time, every human being, every nation and every form of life is a participant in the theater of changes we are now co-creating. Just think about that for a moment. What a time to be alive.

In Phoenix I, we approached this extraordinary time from the observation deck, viewing how the subtle threads of change filtered into our collective lives with illuminating mystical truths so powerful that social, political, sexual, intellectual, and spiritual revolutions were set into motion. Seemingly out of nowhere, a cluster of mystical truths descended into mainstream consciousness, setting fires to the brittle old intellectual structures in the 1960’s and 70’s as soon as they made contact a person’s creative spirit. The instant a person’s spirit felt the truth of even one of these mystical revelations, a process of transformation was ignited. That same power set the wheels of change into motion within societies in every nation. Some example of these truths that are now so familiar to you: You do co-create your reality. Become WHOLE. Your body, mind and spirit function as an integrated system of consciousness. Your inner self is your conscious command center. Your invisible self holds your power. Transform your relationship to the physical world. Physical power is an illusion. Nothing has power unless you relinquish your power to it. Choice is your greatest power of all. All life breathes together.

All of those teachings are now familiar to you, as if these profound mystical truths have always been a part of your everyday spiritual consciousness. But in fact, these sacred truths have only been active or animated into our mainstream consciousness since entering the nuclear age, as we discussed in Phoenix I. It is no wonder really that the power of these truths ushered in this age of transformation for humanity.

In Phoenix II, we explored how these profound mystical truths influence your own awakening, most especially the truths that “you co-create your reality” and the emerging template of holism influenced your own “awakening.” These teachings, as highlighted in Phoenix II, transformed every expression of how the archetype of relationship itself is understood – from how we relate to each other to how we relate to life itself (and all that includes), to how we relate to ourselves. These mystical truths were like the circuitry that needed to be put into place in order to the human consciousness movement among other major social movements. And these ideas and concepts blew open the passages into our inner self, giving us permission to explore our psychological and emotional – and intuitive intellectual natures.

In Phoenix III, we will continue our exploration into our journey of transformation, focusing our attention on how transformation pulsates through the power of your soul. How does your soul experience transformation? We are accustomed to looking at the changes in our lives. We see our world changing, we experience shifts in financial power or social eruptions. We know what physical transformation looks like as it is unfolding around us daily. We can see the world changing around us, the many symbolic phoenixes of our lives falling into pyres and turning into ash in front of our eyes. Countless local businesses closing, for example, or our mask-free way of life suddenly gone because of a virus, for example. The obvious confronts us daily.

Your soul views transformation from a vastly different perspective. While our ego, our physical self, views the chaos of transition with awe, fear, curiosity, anticipation and anxiety, the mystical part of our nature is following a different map, one that is deeply familiar with this archetypal journey of awakening. Your soul has a way of transforming your inner realm, drawing your attention to new perspectives, for example, or to asking questions differently that would open far wider horizons to you. For example, most people know what it is to ask, “What is the purpose of my life?” Consider the difference in power and perspective when that same question is rephrased from the soul’s position: What is the purpose of Life?

Life does not serve us; we are servants to Life. Our soul recognizes that we must live subject to laws of life, finding a pathway into the numerous ways to be of service to the Divine design of life and nature. Allowing your soul to speak to you through that question can change – transform – your life.

Your soul is the navigator of your transformation, the map-keeper and your inner lighthouse. New words that occur to you, questions that seem to arise in times of high anxiety or deep calm, dreams that contain an unusual symbol – all of these are expressions of the language of the soul, a topic that will be explored in depth in Phoenix III. Because we are now entering soul territory, I will be approaching Phoenix III as both a teacher and a spiritual director. Mystical wisdom holds that a person should never enter into the depths of his or her soul unescorted and I deeply believe that. For that reason, I am devoting the last twenty minutes of each session in this series to addressing you as a spiritual director; that is, I will speak about the types of inner struggles, fears, anxieties and healing challenges that often arise when you actively pursue the inner life. And, as always, we will end each session in prayer.

I hope you will continue to join me in this Phoenix series. If ever there was a time to pursue the power of your soul, it is this moment in your life.


Lesson 1:

The View from the Soul

Our first session takes us into the territory of the soul, not as a religious force but as a cosmic one. Long before religions, human beings were spiritual beings with souls – and that is the cosmic truth to which we are now returning.

  • Why the transformation journey is essential
  • Understanding the mystical awakening of the soul
  • What exactly is the soul – and where is it?
  • Mystics and saints: Their journeys and wisdom
  • Experience of mystics are becoming ours
  • Mystical consciousness: Sacred cosmic intelligence
  • Your soul’s agenda
  • The gifts (powers) of the spirit: fact or fiction?
  • The energy of the “spirit” versus the power of the “soul”
  • Crossing your inner Rubicon: entering your inner castle
  • What is the purpose of my life?

A moment of spiritual direction

Lesson 2:

The Cosmic Map

Unlike the trajectory of our external life that seems to follow the pattern of one choice at a time, our soul adheres to a cosmic map guiding the whole of our life’s journey.

  • Why this journey is essential to your transformation – Archetypal soul experiences
  • What needs transforming in you?
  • The eternal battle of power: good versus evil/right and wrong/ physical and spiritual/ ego and soul
  • The battle of reason versus your intuitive intelligences
  • The issue of control versus the mystical act of surrender
  • Fear of the gifts of your soul – power for yourself or the power to help others
  • This matter of personal transformation and your life path

A moment of spiritual direction

Lessons 3:

Language of the Soul

Your soul communicates in a language of symbols, dreams, questions, intuitive hits, and even mood shifts. What you need to understand is that your soul is always communicating with you.

  • The Dark Night of the Soul
    • Confronting the fear of your spiritual gifts and the limitations of your intellectual skills
  • Spiritual versus clinical depression
  • What is the nature of Life?
  • What is God and does the existence of God matter to me?
  • Symbolism
  • Dreams
  • Examining forgiveness
  • The fear of being loving
  • What does life purpose really mean?

A moment of spiritual direction

Lesson 4:

Your Inner Journey

Aligning yourself to your own mystical nature is the most spiritually natural thing to do, and yet it also requires complete devotion on your part because you are literally transforming your relationship with your own sensory systems and how you relate to your world.

  • Holy listening
  • Confronting your chaotic self
  • Examining forgiveness
  • All mind and no quiet
  • The burden of entitlement and the fear of poverty
  • Exploring the meaning of ordinary
  • The quest for the power to believe
  • The fear of meeting the Divine
  • You begin at the beginning of now
  • What is prayer?
  • Fasting

A moment of spiritual direction

Lesson 5:

The Interior Castle and St. Teresa

We will review the seven mansions of your soul, as described by Saint Teresa of Avila. She brilliantly outlined what we can anticipate on our inner passageways and her guidance remains accurate to this day.

  • Recognizing your soul
  • Why you need to search for self-knowledge
  • What this search entails
  • The Seven Mansions of your soul
  • The power of grace and prayer

A moment of spiritual direction

Lesson 6:

The Gifts of Your Soul

Using the gifts of your soul to make the world a better place is the greatest calling in life. Allowing grace to silently, quietly flow through you to others and to be a channel for healing however the Divine directs you, is the meaning of your “highest potential”.  We are not born to serve ourselves but to serve others.  When we finally understand that we are each other’s caretakers, that what is in one is in the whole, that what we do to one, we are doing to ourselves – only then can we can say we know what it is to experience our own mystical transformation. Until then, it is important to understand that so much of the pain and trauma we experience is the result of preventing the power of those mystical truths from empowering us.

  • Moving the goal posts: From your life to life itself
  • As you seek Truth, the gifts awaken
  • The soul channels grace; the spirit moves energy
  • The meaning of “the progress of the soul”
  • Prayer is required for grace
  • Mystical laws govern the soul
  • Guidance on your personal spiritual life
Caroline Myss

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Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. Caroline established her own educational institute in 2003, CMED (Caroline Myss Education), which offers a diverse array of programs devoted to personal development and draws students from all over the world. In addition to her written work, Caroline maintains a rigorous international workshop and lecture schedule and has produced more than eighty audio/visual products on subjects that include healing, spirituality, personal development, and the study of archetypes.

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