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Caroline Myss - Universal Archetypal Experiences. Live Streaming Workshop.

October 30 – November 2, 2023 • La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe, NM
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This workshop is designed to be a rich exploration into our universal archetypal experiences as well as offering spiritual instruction on developing your awakening intuitive nature. I learned a long time ago that exploring the power of archetypes is a spiritual journey in disguise.

The two most valuable soul jewels that I can teach today are what I’ve learned about archetypes and the nature of mystical consciousness. I consider both of these systems of knowledge to be the gold that leads to personal empowerment, health and authentic spiritual transformation. We have entered the age of the psyche, the age of energy, the invisible age of power. It will take decades for us to comprehend how this transition into a new paradigm of power initiated a new consciousness within us. We have not even accepted that we are now multi-sensory, as five-senses are no longer adequate for residing, much less surviving, in a life environment that extends into the quantum domain.

Our instincts, our intuitive nature, is rapidly adapting to our “energy reality.” Today, as a social community, we are seriously focused on self-empowerment and pursuing our inner nature and our intuitive intelligence. And that is an indication that, consciously or unconsciously, we are indeed aligning to our psychic temperament. Our mental and emotional sensitivities are expanding, as are the numerous energetic challenges that manifest in a myriad of emerging health issues, many of which are the result of our not realizing all we need to do to maintain our energetic health, as well as our physical. For all the advancements that have been made in traditional and alternative healthcare in the past six decades, our collective health has grown more fragile. Depression, anxiety, suicides, emotional, psychic and spiritual crises are on the rise. Note that the majority of the disorders and various sufferings that are now epidemic in proportion are “energetic” in nature as well.

For all of the obvious social and personal reasons for the rapid rise in health and personal crises that we are experiencing, perhaps another level of insight needs to be introduced into our understanding of who we are today and how we need to think about ourselves. And, most significantly, how we need to understand the active cosmic field of life in which we dwell. Just as physicists speak about “dark matter” as invisible matter that fills the air space of our lives (meaning there is no such thing, really, as empty space), it is also the case that our lives are continually influenced by archetypal patterns and their subtle magnetic images that filter into our psyches. How different would we – or you – think about any situation or relationship in our life if we expanded our awareness to include the energetic activity of archetypes?

We all like to believe that we are in charge of our lives, our choices, our actions, who we are attracted to, how we think – but that is simply not true. The truth is that we enter into this life already pulsating with archetypal patterns, instincts and inclinations. Our life journey is actually a manifestation of the numerous archetypal patterns that influence how we see our life, who we imagine ourselves to be, how we see the external world and how we interact with everything and everyone we encounter in our world.

And beyond the personal archetypal patterns that each of us has are universal archetypal experiences and knowledge common to all of us. There are experiences in life, in other words, that every person will in some way encounter. For example, the cycle of death and rebirth, that insures every person that endings are inevitable. But so are new beginnings.

This workshop is designed to be a rich exploration into our universal archetypal experiences as well as offering spiritual instruction on developing your awakening intuitive nature. I learned a long time ago that exploring the power of archetypes is a spiritual journey in disguise.

In this workshop, we will examine the impersonal experiences of life that visit us all. We will begin this workshop with an extended discussion on why each of us is destined today to find their way to personal empowerment. While the idea of “empowerment” and developing self-esteem may had started off decades ago as a workshop for people striving to heal, we have evolved past that healing agenda and into the realization that self-esteem is one of the essential ingredients of a healthy life. This quest has become its own type of archetypal journey.

The following is the list of many of the life experiences that we share.
In one way or another, we have, or we will experience everything listed. These are the archetypal experiences the are continually refining the human experience.

The Journey of Empowerment
• Identifying your Inner Self
• Naming boundaries
• Giving voice to your voice

The Mystery of our Health
• What is our energetic anatomy system?
• How does our energy system function?
• What does our energy system require to sustain a healthy field?

What does it mean to become “conscious”?

Your multi-dimensional life: Your new normal
• Spiritual intelligence
• Intuitive intelligence
• The reality of archetypal influences

Laws of Nature: life in your cell tissue
• Death and Rebirth and the cycles of life
• Letting go
• Aging

The Mystical Laws – knowledge in our spiritual DNA
• Inherent awareness of the power of choice
• The fear of becoming conscious

The need to create and destroy
• Playing (with) God

The need for awe
• The desire to have God call you by name
• For what reason was I born?

The need to individuate
• Special versus humble

The need to transform
• Change is the law, even within us

Issues with Justice, Vengeance and Forgiveness
• Our battle with what is fair

Abandonment and Rescue
• Facing the fear of being alone, when in fact, we are alone

Betrayal: Why we betray and are betrayed
• The fear of the power of truth

The search for Love out of Nowhere
• The power of the human heart
• The empty heart cannot beat

Lost and Found
• People and things are taken from us
• Letting go allows room for something unexpected

The Phoenix (humiliation and rising from the ashes)

Unexplainable influences
• Reincarnation
• Multiple universes

I hope you will join me for this workshop/retreat. I consider myself a soul guide and together we will excavate the wonders of your inner world.

Is there any certification or Continuing Education credit offered with this workshop?
While our workshops can benefit and enhance your professional practice, we do not offer any certification or CE credit.

Do you offer any scholarships or discounts?
We are not equipped to evaluate students for aptitude and/or financial need equitably – therefore we are unable to offer scholarships.