Desiree Watson

Waikoloa, HI

If you are ready to dispel the disempowering myths you have about life, relationships, money and your place in the world, then I invite you to work with me and experience a new exquisite freedom as your passion for life is re-ignited and your sense of purpose activated.

Imagine, right now, discovering what you’re truly here to do and having the confidence to step forward powerfully.

As a Business Trainer, Transformational Coach and Archetypal Consultant, I work with people who want reliable and experienced help to navigate the changes that are occurring in their lives. I have over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and can help you find your way through challenges and the maze of information you need to know to make it in your own business during these times.

As a Practical Intuitive and Archetypal Consultant, I will help you identify and release the emotional and behavioral patterns you wish you didn’t have, and that are getting in your way of realizing your goals.

I can help you:

• Navigate sudden changes in your life or circumstances.
• Move from a job you don’t enjoy into a business you truly love.
• Launch or grow a business with greater skill and confidence.
• Improve your relationships with other people and yourself.
• Overcome procrastination, low self-esteem, fear of failure and unwanted stress.
• Experience your true spiritual power and core inner confidence.
• Recreate your life after a divorce, loss of job, or loss of direction and meaning in life.

What others say:

“Investment counselor for the soul, Desirée Watson taught me how to be clear on what direction I wanted my life to take, to visualize and destroy the roadblocks I was building which prevented me from moving forward, and to have a clear understanding of tools I can use every day to maintain focus and achieve my goals.”—Nora Brant, Registered Nurse, Ohio

“The mentoring work I did with Desirée changed my life. I now have clarity about my business direction, who I am and what gifts I have to give!”—Kate Lickey, Intuitive Coach, New York

“When I first started working with Desirée I was out of work and paralyzed between two career paths. I was stuck on a deep self-esteem issue of not feeling worthy to make a good living at something I enjoy. Now I am able to complete goal-oriented action
steps each day on the path to an exciting new career. And as a side benefit I am also able to more easily ask for emotional support from my partner and friends.”—Carrie Ure, Spiritual Companion, Oregon

I live in Hawaii with my husband, Mark and our two kitties, Arnold and Jojo. I work with people from all over the world by phone. To schedule an appointment or find out more go to:

Email: [email protected]

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FREE video seminar

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