Reflections: Initiations by the Elements


This Reflections series is about gaining insights into how our grand theater of life works, how to interpret its greater elemental language and how to participate in creating a new script. A new storyline for humanity is emerging within us and around us, and that narrative is coming through the elements of Nature as well as through human consciousness.

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Climate change is not personal but its impact will certainly have a personal effect upon each of our lives. Some of us may already have experienced the ever and rapidly increasing power of massive forest fires in the US, Australia and other countries experiencing the combination of drought and rising temperatures; once-in-a-century sized hurricanes that are now occurring only years apart (Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, and Irma) and extraordinarily heavy rains (actually called “rain bombs”) resulting in massive floods; super cell tornadoes and micro-wind bursts that come out of nowhere (I’ve experienced one of those); and an alarming rise in earthquakes and sink holes, brought about through fracking and over mining, weapons testing and the use of underground explosives to create ever deeper wells in the earth. Rising temperatures, melting glaciers, rising sea levels are not going to happen some day in the future; these ecological catastrophes are happening now – to us. Millions of people have already heard Nature’s alarm ringing through these events, Al Gore most notably. And I am more than certain, none of this is news to any of you.

Yet, as is always the case in life, even with climate change, what we see in front of our eyes is never the complete view of all that is happening – and it is certainly not the most intriguing perspective, spiritually speaking. And that, as you know, is our focus in Reflections. The events that unfold in our physical lives, no matter how small or grand, whether personal or collective, originate in the invisible realm. Energy generates the activity of matter. That is the law of physics – and creation.

What happens “in front of our eyes” is like the caboose on the train, the last car that arrives on the long train. Or as Shakespeare wrote, the whole world is a stage, something artificial and self-created. The production we see from our audience seats happens once the artists, writers, directors and technical crews have completed their handiwork. We are a combination of audience members and stage crew personnel, unconscious co-creative participants behind the scenes in the events generated in this grand and great theater of life. All the while we are unknowingly viewing our own scripts, believing them to be the only, real version of life that there is. When it comes to the theater of life, we must always keep in mind that our handiwork is on-going, the stage production never stops, and the laws of creation never rest.

And most important of all, we can change the script once we really understand how the system works. This Reflections series is about gaining insights into how our grand theater of life works, how to interpret its greater elemental language and how to participate in creating a new script. A new storyline for humanity is emerging within us and around us, and that narrative is coming through the elements of Nature as well as through human consciousness with this theme:

  • Nature is conscious and we must now establish a cooperative relationship with the working system of Nature;
  • We are creatures of Nature, not observers of Nature;
  • The invisible realm is filled with caretakers of Nature: Water Sprites, Nature Spirits, Gatekeepers, Flower and Crystal Devas – these are not imaginary creatures but Nature Spirits guarding their realm of life;
  • The animal kingdom has a consciousness as well. The idea that we are the only “conscious” species is a position that allows endless abuse of other living creatures.
  • Earth changes are happening and will continue to happen not to “punish” us – nonsense – but because the core Law of Nature is to maintain Balance in all life systems. When a system is out of balance, Nature will set forces into motion to return a system to balance, even if that takes hundreds of years. We are disposable goods. We are not a species that the Laws of Nature strive to protect. We destroy our environment at our peril and no off-planet God is going to save us.
  • Your personal biology functions exactly as Nature does. The Law of Balance governs you in the same way. When personal choices result in your body, mind, spirit or life becoming imbalanced, a course of organic corrections begins. (More on this during the series.)
  • Nature generates psychic energy as well as the physical manifestations that we see: fire and heat; rain, waves, drinking water; soil for food, the ground that holds up everything; the air that sustains us all. Nature speaks to us through its electricity and through the archetypal patterns that are emerging, through our changing appetites and habits.

The four sessions in this Reflections class have two intertwined themes: Becoming attuned to the symbolic language of Nature in the theater of life that we share and learning how to perceive Nature’s realm with a bandwidth that extends from ancient pagan days to our emerging mystical or cosmic intelligence. That’s the depth, width, and range of the cosmic mind and soul that we are seeking to reach.

Mother Nature is changing every aspect of life on this planet. Species will indeed become extinct, as many have already during our life time. And many will find subtle ways to evolve, as we are doing right now. We are all participating in a most extraordinary journey of global transformation. Like moving from the age of candles to electricity or agriculture to industry, we must make an evolutionary leap to a consciousness more suitable to our collective survival. A significant part of that survival depends upon our not just returning to “nature”, but truly becoming “one” with Nature.

I remember so clearly an experience I had years ago when I was being forced to endure a weekend camping experience. I saw a “crystal deva”, a tiny garden spirit whose task, along with who knows how many other crystal devas, is to watch over all the crystalline formations that lay under the soil of the earth. I was not the only person who saw this crystal deva – four of us did and we watched him for almost ten minutes. Incredible. I’ve thought about that evening hundreds of times, maybe more. Through the years, I realized that our seeing that tiny spirit was not nearly as incredible as our having developed an intellect devoid of comprehending the inherent soul consciousness of Nature. All life truly does breathe together. Our level of surprise and shock strikes me now as far more amazing than having seen a tiny spirit tending to a spiritual task – why should that be so shocking or unbelievable? We have so separated ourselves from the soul of Nature through the centuries. This Reflections series is a small effort toward working our way back.

I hope you will join me for this next step in our journey together.



P.S. A special Facebook page (Spiritual Direction – Caroline Myss) has been created to help support this growing Reflections online community, and is available to all students taking these classes.

Lesson 1:

Initiations by the Elements: Seeds and Spirits

Life is a matter of spirit and spirit is in all matter. Our attraction to organic food products may look like a health decision but it is an expression of “organic Divinity”, a way of the Light in you seeking the Light that comes from a non-contaminated “drugged” garden. In this session, we will discuss what I call “organic Divinity” and Nature’s partnership with the holy contract of sustaining life:

  • Redefining who and what is conscious: All life counts
  • What is Organic Divinity?
  • Sprites, Spirits, Devas and your Garden
  • The Gatekeepers
  • What exactly is sacred ground – and what isn’t?
  • Your growing sensitivities to food and why
  • Is Nature “calling all vegetarians”?

Lesson 2:

Initiations by the Elements: Nature & You, Lifetime Companions

Nature is a companion to you – a living, conscious companion that sustains your life. Nature communicates through law, balance and consistency – an expression of the organic qualities of the Divine. We will explore:

  • Where exactly is Mother Nature?
  • Ley lines/acupuncture/nature’s pharmacy in the plant world
  • Nature’s great silence versus your version of quiet
  • Why being in Nature is healing
  • You as Observer; You as a Nature Being
  • Nature and Law
  • The Nature Child archetype
  • Your Nature is Nature
  • Where is the nature around you changing?

Lessons 3:

Initiations by the Elements: The Language of Fire and Earth

Do weather patterns reflect the storms unfolding within the collective human soul? Weather extremes have always influenced human decisions and in the organization of our lives going back to the iconic story of Noah and the flood. Our psychic energies are contained within the elements that create weather – how can that not be the case? This class will examine:

  • Prometheus and the language of Fire
  • People burning with rage
  • The Phoenix myth
  • Fire leaders and global power
  • Fire and you
  • Ecology reshaping the Earth
  • Your body as micro-earth
  • Emerging Earth changes: coastal shifts, new desert areas, rising temperature

Lesson 4:

Initiations by the Elements: The Language of Air and Water

The air is not empty and it is not silent. It is filled with electronic data that penetrates in to our energy fields constantly. No doors or walls can block out this constant barrage of energetic data zapping its way through the privacy of our homes while we sleep at night. Does some part of our personal energetic intelligence comprehend all this data or does it just pass through us heading to its proper email address? Are we, in other words, continually absorbing psychic pollution in some very subtle way that then collectively expresses itself as “tension in the air” that all of us feel? After all, energy creates matter and weather is an expression of the creation of matter. We will end this series by looking at:

  • Pollution in the air and on the “air waves”
  • Internet – new air waves reshaping consciousness
  • The emerging global/galactic mind: A collision of old and new creative forces
  • Water power: Droughts/hurricanes/floods changing lifestyles
  • Tornadoes: Collective wind/mind storms
  • A Fire/Earth/Air/Water life guide
Caroline Myss

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Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. Caroline established her own educational institute in 2003, CMED (Caroline Myss Education), which offers a diverse array of programs devoted to personal development and draws students from all over the world. In addition to her written work, Caroline maintains a rigorous international workshop and lecture schedule and has produced more than eighty audio/visual products on subjects that include healing, spirituality, personal development, and the study of archetypes.