Reflections: Initiations by Water


Initiations by Water is the final class of our Reflection series in which we examine the four elements of creation – Fire, Earth, Air and Water. This series is our journey into the Water level in each of us.

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Learn more about Initiations by Water”

Imagine Fire, Earth, Air and Water existing in a constant dynamic of creation. These elements are the primal forces of creation in us. Each one of these elements is a highly active creative ingredient in our psyche, in our biology, in our emotions and in our minds. Sometimes too much fire or heat/anger/electricity can scorch our earth; that is, burn our physical tissue and over heat our physical organs. Too much heat in our psyche can cause neurological fires, among so many other “electrical” disorders.

The soft and gentle air currents that flow through our mind like whispers of ideas and imaginings can and sometimes do become wind storms of our life, creating havoc within the physical earth that is our body. Fires within us fuel our life energy, stimulate our sexuality and animate our passions that require that element of Air. We must imagine before we act.

And then there is Water – our fourth element. Water, the cooling, soothing, refreshing element that starts to run like wild rapids within our body, for example, when we are too overheated from generating too much Fire. (Note: High blood pressure is one health condition from ‘running rapids to put out a fire’.) Our physical Earth body would turn to cracked, parched, broken ground without our aquatic nature, constantly moisturizing our physical shell. Our Water element can shape itself as dense humidity that clings to our emotions like molasses. Or we can experience the Water element as a light inner mist – we are emotionally weightless having, at least temporarily, evaporated our fears. We long to return to that mist.

Water is Neptune’s element active within us. Within our aquatic nature is hidden our deepest fears and secrets and our ever-continuing undiscovered potential that we are meant to discover day by day. We have yet to know the person we will be a year from now. And between now and that point will be conversations and experiences and challenges and life surprises and who knows what else that will yet again and once more introduce you to some unknown part of you. Like traveling on an enormous ocean of your own emotions, each day you discover something you did not see before. Your aquatic nature is the most mysterious part of you, the most tumultuous as well as the most tranquilizing and poetically beautiful. It’s no wonder that learning about the power of our Water element requires so many macro and micro initiations.

We have what it takes to emotionally nurture people as well as “emotionally drown” them or conversely, deny people emotional (water) support – putting their own life system at risk. Likewise, each of us knows what it is like to recognize we are in a situation in which the “water element is contaminated”, though it is likely that you did not – or do not yet – think in that symbolic way. But once you do shift your thinking to archetypes and the elements of nature and apply that to the context of your life, you can examine the health of everything in your life through an equation of the balance of these four elements of power: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. How fascinating is that?

And Water, just like our emotional nature, is a force in constant motion. There is no such thing as a permanent emotion or water that is still. Our aquatic element, like the elements of Fire, Earth and Air, is never at rest. We are forever creating, combusting, dissolving, renewing, evaporating. We are a composition of all the elements of creation and their inherent nature directs our nature.

Initiation experiences unfold, erupt, appear easily and often within our emotional domain. We are continually discovering the extraordinary power held within our emotions – to the power of love; the power to nurture; the power to destroy; the power to resurrect a thirsty life; the power to commit and follow one’s heart; the power to sense suffering; the power to acknowledge the truth.

Initiation by Water completes our four-part series on the Earth elements. I love teaching this wisdom and I believe that this course can only benefit your life in good and wonderful ways. The classes run weekly from July 19th through August 9th. I hope you will join me for these final four sessions.



P.S. A special Facebook page (Spiritual Direction – Caroline Myss) has been created to help support this growing Reflections online community, and is available to all students taking these classes.

Lesson 1:

Initiation by Water: Your Aquatic Nature

We require nurturing and we need to care for others, for living creatures, for the world around us. We need to “water” the fields in which we live. We are born understanding our need for “water” and how powerful this element is. Each of our relationships and experiences in life provides yet one more area through which we encounter and often confront the authority our emotional nature has over us. And as we all learn, our emotions can be as lofty and delicate as psychic mist or they can become a block of ice, containing frozen memories for a life time.

Topics we will cover in the first class:

  • From Mist to Ice
    • What is your aquatic nature?
    • Healthy to unhealthy aquatic issues
    • The spectrum of emotions
    • From needy child to mature adult
  • The need to nurture and be nurtured
    • Crisis about being nurturing – wanting more than giving (set-up for initiation)
    • Too much ice or mist in one’s system
    • Drowning others/fear of being pulled under the waves
    • The need to learn how to swim
    • Initiation experiences

Lesson 2:

Initiation by Water: Your Aquatic Psychic Nature

The Water element is particularly receptive and supportive of our intuitive nature. Water absorbs vibrations. It is a very porous element and it is very easy for people to blend into the energy fields of everyone, as well as the energy fields of animals and plants. Remember, all life breathes together. It takes a conscious, focused effort to develop a shield around you that is not one of fear or defensiveness but rather one of energetic protection, preference and wisdom.

Class two will cover the following:

  • Water and our Psychic Nature
  • Everyone is born Aquatic/Psychic
  • Aquatic psychic sensations
  • Psychic disorders and the Water element
  • Understanding the power of congruence
  • Initiation experiences

Lessons 3:

Initiation by Water: Aquatic Health and Personal Life Challenges

Every element has unique qualities and characteristics to it. Those qualities express themselves in specific body functions. Our health and sense of balance is directly connected to the ever-changing dynamic among these elements. Too much of any one element or a depletion of an element will be expressed through a physical condition.

The Water element is directly tied to several disorders that we will explore in this session, among them:

  • Depression and fogs
  • Panic and anxiety disorders
  • Need for secrets and double life
  • Trust issues – including the inability to trust oneself
  • Fear of darkness

Lesson 4:

Initiation by Water: The Elements as a Life Guide

The key word to health is balance. Yet another way to understand your health and life challenges—one that supports a template of balance—is to approach them through the natural elements that comprise human nature.

The final class of this four-part series will explore the elements as an ongoing life guide:

  • Fire: Maintaining a Passion for Your Life
    • An independent passion
    • Creativity is essential
    • Understand vitality
  • Earth: Keeping Your Physical Self/Life in Balance
    • Physical security issues
    • Exercise and Nutrition
    • All that relates to your five-sensory world
    • What choices throw your physical world/environment out of balance?
    • What do you need to maintain balance?
  • Air: Nurture Your Mind
    • Feed Your Imagination
    • New words, new ideas, new world
    • Do not repeat a year, a month, a day
  • Water: Seek Tranquil Waters
    • Avoid swamps
    • Learn to ride your rapids
    • Recognize when you are drowning yourself or others
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